Escape the Winter Blues: Book Your Flights and Hotels Today

Is winter getting to you? Tired of the strong winds and the dropping temperatures? Well, unfortunately it’s only bound to get colder over the next few months, but there is a solution. With so many hotels located throughout the world, you can escape the cold weather and fly to a destination where you can relax in the sun.

If you want to visit somewhere warm and get some winter sun this December, January or February, then there are a multitude of places from which to choose. While it may require a bit of travel time to get to the sunny side of things, once you arrive you’ll find that it’s worth it.

So where can you go at this time of year to get a break from cold climates and dark days? In order to get the maximum amount of sun, you’ll have to leave the EU far behind. Here are a few great destinations to consider for your winter vacation:

Dubai: This luxurious city has it all, from over the top hotels and shopping centres to sprawling white sandy beaches. You’ll definitely be able to keep yourself busy during your stay in the United Arab Emirates. Aside from catching a tan outside, you could also enjoy two of the city’s greatest aqua parks found at the Atlantis Hotel and the Wild Wadi theme park. In terms of travel time, the flight is approximately six to seven hours from London.

Marrakech: Just three hours on a plane from London will place you in this fantastic Moroccan city. When you arrive you’ll find that Marrakech is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the UK. With sprawling markets, a unique history, and of course, warm temperatures that will have you out of your hotel and under the sun, you’ll find that this is a whole new world in which to get lost. At this time of year, temperatures generally range from 20 to 30 degrees C, so pack accordingly.

Melbourne: While flying to Australia is an admittedly long journey, you’ll find that once you arrive in the beautiful city of Melbourne that you’d readily make the journey again and again in order to experience such a lovely city. Melbourne is known for producing some of the World’s best art, music, cuisine, fashion, and design, and it’s all on hand in the city’s many distinct neighbourhoods.

Sydney: Another Australian destination that’s worth looking into is one of Oz’s most famous cities. Here you’ll get the chance to live in a city by the sea; getting everything you need from one of the World’s premiere cosmopolitan areas, as well as beautiful sandy beaches, which are of course perfect for surfing. Perhaps one of the best things about an Australian holiday is letting yourself ease into the Australian sensibility and leading a 'no worries' lifestyle during your time abroad.

Florida: There are several destinations within the state of Florida that are waiting with a warm welcome. For those looking to book a family holiday, there is no better place to fly into than Orlando, where you will find the Disney World complex. With resorts located just near to this famous theme park, you’ll be able to thrill your kids with visits to the park every day of your stay. If you’re looking for a holiday destination to go to with your mates or even a significant other, why not try out Miami Beach? There are many different scenes going on in this thriving city, so whether you’re looking for a wild night out or a romantic dinner by the beach, you’ll be sorted.

These destinations are just a small sample of the many places you can go to during the cold months of winter. If Dubai doesn’t do it for you, there is always nearby Abu Dhabi. If Miami doesn’t get your heart racing, California also offers an endless supply of sunshine in cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego and their surrounding areas.

Wherever you go, it’s important to give yourself a break and experience new environments and cultures. This way, not only do you get to expand your horizons, you can also recharge your batteries in the sun.

There’s no reason to stay at home, stuck in the cold and dreaming of where you’d rather be. Make use of your holiday time and experience the world as it is; it’s all out there waiting for you.