Paris and New York: Broaden Your Culinary Horizon

Do you love trying new foods? Have an incurable desire to test out gastronomic delights from all over the world? Well, now with a variety of hotels in New York and Paris to choose from, you can have yourself a holiday and take a bite out of two of the world’s most delicious cities.

New York and Paris are two of the world’s most popular destinations, and while each city has its own charms and sights that draw in crowds from all over the world, they also have unique culinary draws. We all know that part of going on holiday is giving yourself a chance to indulge and try some delicious foods, so let this serve as your guide to what you can do to fill your hunger in each of these cities.

Let’s start on the US east coast with New York. We all know this place as the city that never sleeps and once you arrive here, you will find that there really is no other feeling that can compare to being in this magical destination. If you have never been to the Big Apple before, of course you’ll want to visit popular attractions such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Times Square; however, these sights are just a small sample of what brings visitors to this city. Go off the beaten path and you’ll find some of the world’s best foods spread throughout the metropolitan area.

When in New York, you will be on your feet most of the day going from one sight to the next. It is important to start the day off with a proper breakfast, and while you’re in town, you might as well do as the locals do and start your day with a proper New York bagel. You’ll find countless informal breakfast joints spread throughout the city where you can choose from a variety of these densely breaded delights. It simply wouldn’t be right to go to New York and not try a perfectly baked bagel with salmon and soft cheese, locally known as a bagel with cream cheese and lox.

As you carry on into the day, it’s a good idea to visit one of the city’s many delis. Here, you will find sandwiches stacked with delicious cold cuts of meat. Rueben, pastrami and corn beef sandwiches are all local favourites that will certainly keep your stomach full. Often, these sandwiches are so big you’ll find yourself staring at them for a moment or two before you figure out how you will actually consume one. Some delis also serve hot foods, so if you’re looking for something particularly suited to the Big Apple, you may want to go for a New York hot dog.

It would be a crime to go to New York and not try some of Manhattan’s most delicious desserts. If you’re a fan of cheesecake, you’ll find that this is the place that put it on the map, and it is with good reason! If you’re looking for something with more sugar and less savour, go down to the famous Magnolia bakery on the Lower East Side and indulge yourself in one of the world’s most delicious cupcakes. Lastly, you must try frozen yoghurt American style at Tasti De-Lite, where you can find countless low fat flavours including everything from peanut butter fudge to cinnamon crunch.

New York is a big city with countless residents and tourists moving through each and every day and for this reason, you will find a wide variety of restaurants from casual diners to over the top displays found in the lobbies of luxurious New York hotels. Be sure to give yourself a taste of all these things while you’re in town.

After you have gone to town on bagels and taken down a proper pastrami sandwich, you’ll want to start thinking of all of the delicious food options waiting for you across the Atlantic in the French capital of Paris and there are plenty of Paris hotels to rival those in New York too!).

The French have been known to make divine dishes that have been enjoyed throughout the world, and being in Paris will allow you the chance to be presented with these plates in their most authentic forms.

Like New York, Paris has a wide variety of culinary options from street food and informal venues to some rather posh cafes and eateries. Here, you will also get the chance to experience foods from all over the world, but let’s get real here; who goes to France and doesn’t want to indulge themselves with French cuisine?

Before you make your way over to the Louvre and take a stroll through the Jardin de Tuillieres, start your morning with an authentic croissant from one of the city’s countless patisseries. You’ll find that this is a cheap and satisfying way to start your day in Paris and it will often be enough to hold you over until lunchtime.

Another popular option that comes straight from France is the crepe. These delicious pancakes are served all over the world today, but there is nothing like sitting outside a café in Paris and watching the world go by as you fork your way through this dish.

We all know that the French have mastered the art of dessert, and while you’re in town there is no way that you will be able to resist trying some of the country’s most delicious snacks. For those with a sweet tooth, there is nothing better than a macaroon, and if you’re going to get one, you might as well make it the best and head to one of the luxe La Duree shops spread throughout the city. For those with more savoury tastes, you’ll find yourself in heaven with the cheese selection available in Paris.

So, whether your next holiday is in Europe or America, you now know some delicious tips to consider when booking hotels in Paris and New York. So go on, don’t just enjoy the sights; reach for a knife and fork and sample the cuisine at hand in these two amazing destinations.