Tips on finding a cheap holiday and keeping costs down whilst you are abroad

Keeping down the costs of Car Hire

Hiring a car abroad for your next holiday can be a bit of a minefield. Often, cheap headline prices quickly become much more expensive as extras such as insurance & additional drivers are added. Here are a few quick tips for getting the best deal on your holiday car hire:

1) Use a reputable car hire portal to check prices from many providers. Websites such as, & use all the major car hire providers and are therefore able to offer excellent prices.

2) Once you have found the size and type of car you want, find out who the provider is (e.g. Avis, Hertz, National etc) and go to that providerís website to check they are not offering cheaper prices direct. This doesnít often happen but is still worth checking.

3) Make a phonecall. Whilst companies would have us believe the cheapest prices are online, they also have call centres with operatives who are keen to make a sale. They can often find a better deal for you in order to close the sale.

4) Be wary of the deposit you will normally have to pay in order to cover the excess on the car insurance. Often this is payable locally and can work out expensive. Instead, try to find deals that include insurance that covers this excess. Alternatively, if you rent a lot of cars, try an annual excess insurance policy through companies such as

And some tips for when you pick up your hire car in the city or resort:

5) Once you are off on your trip and arrive at your destination, be sure to check the car fully before you drive off. Any dings, dents, scratches, missing trims & hubcaps will be charged to you unless they are already marked on your documents.

6) Be aware of what the car hire company policy is regarding fuel. Some will give you the car full of fuel and will expect it to be returned full... If itís not you will be charged at a rate over and above the standard fuel price. Other companies will pre-charge you for a full tank or will give you the car with a minimum of fuelÖ in this scenario you are obviously best to return the car as empty of fuel as possible.

7) In some countries hire cars still have distinctive number plates or markings. If this is the case, criminals will often target hired vehicles and so itís always best no to leave luggage and posessions unattended in the car.