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Dear All,
Guess where we are now? No more crime to report, although the prices feel like daylight robbery. Here's our last month or so's activity.

Malaysia - After Penang we headed to the Perhentian Islands for a 4 day stay. 8 days later we left having done 8 dives and our Advanced Open Water diving. Fantastic, idyllic tropical islands, we left reluctantly. Excitement included a wreck dive and seeing our divemaster attacked by a titan triggerfish. Jo's convinced she saw a turtle too. We spent a couple of days in the east meets west mixture of Kuala Lumpur before heading to....

Singapore - Nice to be somewhere clean with no smell of sewage at last. Shopping - after much deliberation we bought two cameras - a simple one and one for Jo's arty shots. We found it a little like Hong Kong but without the dramatic setting and the atmosphere that lends. Some great modern architecture. The theatres on the bay make a stunning complex.

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Australia - South West - We picked the hostel from hell in Perth. It felt like being back in halls at uni - filthy kitchen, rooms looking like a bomb had hit them, music on all night etc. We felt old. Despite this, we liked the city. It's very clean, in a great setting by the Swan River and has excellent sports facilities as has everywhere. No wonder they beat us too often!

We hired a car (which doubled as our bedroom) and drove around the southwest. Brilliant coastline, surf, sunsets, BIG landscape in every respect. We saw our first kangaroos and emus. Jo did some wine tasting but feels she still needs to do more to become an expert!!! We climbed a 240ft karri tree on iron pegs bored into the trunk with no safety net - impressive view out over the forest canopy. Greens pool near Denmark would make a brilliant outdoor water polo venue.

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Australia - The Red Centre Uluru (Ayers Rock) really does change colour at sunset. An Aboriginal guide told us the stories and beliefs associated with different sites. The following day we went to Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) which are nearby, bigger and actually have more Aboriginal significance. In Alice Springs we saw first hand what has happened to some of the displaced Aborigines. They hang around drinking in the parks and streets, no jobs, no homes. It's sad to see.

Australia - Top End Darwin hasn't excited us but we've just been on an adventure trail to Kakadu National Park where we saw more Aboriginal rock art up to 20 000 years old, crocs, dingos, wallabies and loads of birds. We swam in warm rock pools and beneath fresh water falls. Tomorrow we fly to Cairns to begin our drive south with my parents. Should be interesting!
Take care
Bri & Jo