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United Kingdom Travel Highlights


Highlights of United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as it is formally known, has to be one of the most diverse travel destinations in the world. Where else can you see grown men rolling cheeses down hills, jumping around with bells on their legs, or throwing large tree trunks! Below are just some of the British travel highlights submitted by you, our readers...

aberdeen king edward
aberdeen king edward
Just a short distance from this serene, tranquil lake scene is one of England’s southern gems - Beaulieu. The Montagu family still live in this beautiful, historic Beaulieu Palace House and when you visit you may well appreciate the dining room set for Christmas dinner. You will see grand paintings on the walls and all the trappings you would expect in a stately palace/home in the United Kingdom. A day visit to this huge estate is ideal for families as there is something for everyone: men will particularly be attracted to the National Motor Museum, kids will like the little train which takes you around the property or the open-top bus and everyone will learn about monastery days when they walk into Beaulieu Abbey as there is a audio explanation as your roam around the ancient building. The Palace itself is well worth a visit and don’t be surprised if you see Lord Montagu strolling around, my friends talked to him when he stopped to have a chat while out on a motor-bike ride around his beautiful park-like property. The motor museum is huge, has some really interesting static displays with the old motor garage being my favourite but the males in our group were gobsmacked with the speed thrill ride they experienced. Inside here there is a huge variety of motor vehicles through the ages and some are unique to this diverse collection Lord Montagu has built up over the years. During the year special exhibitions and events are held at Beaulieu so look it up on the internet and plan your holiday around things that interest you. I love going there for all there is to offer and thoroughly recommend it as a great day out. In the heart of England’s newest National Park, Beaulieu is ideally situated for a day visit when you are staying in nearby Southampton, Bournemouth or Winchester.
Lois Ronberg
What a magnificent view there is from Clifton Suspension Bridge. Just makes me stand and marvel at 2 things, the architectural skill and nature's beauty.
Derek Tan
History, architecture, great people and great places, this is england in its glory.
Mark Rowlands
Make sure you don't miss the Roman walls, the Cathedral, the riverside walk and the nice shopping at The Rows'.
My home city so perhaps I'm biased! The city centre has been remodelled recently and makes for a pleasant shopping experience. if shoppings not your thing head to the cathedral gardens or wonder at the modern architecture of Sir Basil Spence.
Lucy Taylor
Edinburgh is home to a number of fantastic hotels, restaurants, museums, clubs and entertainment venues. it is one of the richest historical cities in scotland, there are a number of tours and historical places that show off its vibrant past.'
Nicola Kredler
Giants Causeway
michaela raddatz
Lincoln's historic town centre is a great place to walk around as there are no cars on the main street. Try the Bailgate beside the Cathedral for great restaurants and bars. In the centre of town just beyond the railway crossing The Treaty of Commerce pub does good lunchtime food. Beware of the chain restaurants beside the Brayford, poor quality and expensive."
John D
Green Park is great to take time out from the hustle and bustle. Take a picnic or just chill out
Sue Lemmon
Although I spent my youth living and working in London now I live away I get a tingle when ever I visit and get to see the sights, Houses of Parliament Buckingham palace Tower bridge and St Pauls to name a few, I can feel the anticipation that 1st time visitors get, and this happens every time! wow what a buzz London gives.
Susan Hall
Officially known as 30 St Mary Axe, the Gherkin building is designed by Sir Norman Foster. He is one of my favourite architects with his best work, in my opinion, being the Milau Bridge in France which is quite simply awesome! I think he's actually a Lord now and if anyone deserves this accolade he does. Well done Norm!
Jeff Teather
Wonky's chinese restaurant in Soho, London. I used to eat there all the time because they had the best food and the waiters took real pleasure in being as rude as possible to the customers. Excellent fun.
J Didsfell
In my opinion Trafalgar Square is much improved since Ken Livingstone banned the pigeons (or at least banned the feeding of them). I know other will disagree but for me they are just flying rats... only less cute! Visit St Mark's Square in Venice and you will see just how bad the pigeon problem can get if not controlled properly.
W Shaw
London is almost like a small new york with its tall buildings and moden look a great place for all holiday makers.
leah nevill
Best City in the World... London Rocks!! And Hamleys is the absolute best toystore in the world. Take your kids in there at your peril, it will cost you !! Its a fab place though
Claire Sims
Manchester is the trendy capital of England. Its has everything from gigs, night life, hotels to the creme de la creme of shopping. Go on give it a go.
Donna Moore
New Forest
The New Forest is a gorgeous place to visit. The birds, flowers and ponies are a joy to behold. We visit as often as we can. Very spiritual, if you are connecting to your spiritual side. A must for nature lovers.
Alison Chamberlain
Mr and Mrs Shakespeare could not have known their home would be world famous in the 21st century when their little baby boy arrived in April 1564. While his dad spent all day glove making, William would have played in the garden, getting inspiration for this works which still inspire and entertain global audiences today. You too can walk in his footsteps, see how life would have been for the Shakespeare family in what is now a rather interesting English family home - 250 years means it’s a bit rickety when you walk through with views down into the beautiful, authentic old English garden and out onto the busy pedestrian way in Stratford -Upon-Avon. Shakespeare’s Birthplace house is one of five under the responsibility of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, in and around Stratford Upon Avon. Drive out to two houses: Mary Ardens, it was the home of Shakespeare’s grand-parents and his mother, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage is where his wife grew up. In Stratford Upon Avon you will find Hall’s Croft which was home to his daughter and her husband and Nash’s House and New Place was where Shakespeare died in 1616. Shakespeare’s House, the focal point of visitor attractions is set up as a ‘’living museum’‘ and one to suit people of all ages, it should interest literary fans and those who like to learn something new when on holiday. So when in this delightful part of England, take the chance to visit this historic town with its black and white timber buildings, beautiful canal marina set in a peaceful park where you will find a huge statue to the memory of William Shakespeare. The Avon River flows by and just a short walk along the banks you will come to the Shakespeare Theatre. Just the right place to end a Shakespeare pilgrimage...’‘As you Like It’‘ - I promise it won’t be ‘’Much Ado About Nothing”!
Lois R
York is a wonderful city to visit. There are many historic places,including a first class museum and very impressive cathedral. This a place I would rate as a first class holiday destination.
Ena Jones

belfast castle
belfast castle

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