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United States Travel Highlights


Highlights of United States

From the thundering Niagara Falls to the towering Sears Tower... the USA is a big country with big sights and sounds. Below are just some of the American holiday highlights submitted by you, our readers...

times square ny
times square ny
Boston, MA
The capital of Massachusetts is also known as the Athens of America because of the large number of universities. This means there are also a large number of students who, together with a large Irish American population, help to make Boston one of the liveliest cities in the US.
Chicago, IL
Michigan Avenue the Magnificent Mile. Lots of great high end shopping. Has Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel , Tiffany etc plus lower end like Victoria Secrets . The are also the shopping malls on the Mile which are all nice, Chicago Place (has Saks) The Watertower (Macy’s & Oprah lives there) and another really nice one called 900( has Bloomingdales) State Street I also really like State Street. In same area. Go to Filene’s Basement. It’s like a high end Winners/Discount Clearnace Store. Worth going through. I found Versace/Lauren/Tahari in the women’s wear Free the People/Juicy Couture in the teens and Zegna/Hugo Boss in men’s wear. Macy’s It’s the second largest department store in the world. Worth a visit. Usually great deals. Check out the teen dept too. Their house brand is really nice and reasonable. In ladies and mens wear the Alfani line is quite nice and reasonable price. If you go to customer service they will give you a visitors pass and you get 10 or 15 percent off your purchases. Garrett’s Popcorn Shop Bring Caramel Popcorn home from. There will be a line up. It’s worth it. Buy extra once you taste it its gone!
Carleen Greaves
Chicago, the 3rd biggest city in USA, is amazing and I love it. The weather is a lil' bit cold, but in the summer is a joy to stay there.
Totir Alexandru
Taking my grandad to Disneyworld in Florida and watching him with tears of joy and amazement. You can't buy those moments.
Maui, HI
Makena is also known as Big Beach and is a lovely stretch of orange and golden sand. However, be aware that the waves here can be seriously rough so caution is required if you are with children.
Priti K
Miami Beach, FL
Be sure to take the Duck Tour of Miami, you'll see the sites and the celebrity homes that are on the waterfront!
Anthony Gerrard
Miami, what can I say.. Sand, Surf and party all night long!!!! A tourist getaway to enjoy your summer vacation and chill out in bars.
Hansel D'souza
Monument Valley, AZ
The brown landscape of sands and rocks is totally breathtaking and magnificent.
Yeam Wee Leong
New York City, NY
We stayed at the Waldorf Hotel and despite the hotel showing its age it was tremendous experience evoking the history associated with the hotel. New York is a great city to walk and now a days a lot safer than it used to be if you're sensible.
Bryan Alford
One of my favourite places in the world, no doubt! I love the atmosphere of this city, with so many different types of people coming together in one place. There's lots of great things to see and do. I love places like Central Park, the Museum of Natural History, Bryant Park, the Village,… more the Brooklyn Bridge and so on. It's really easy to get around, both when you're using the subway and when you're walking around. Thanks to the block system it's really easy to get your bearings and find your way. Lots of great places to eat and drink too, pretty much anything you could ever want is available, and there's an awesome live music scene too. We weren't staying in Manhattan and I think it was really great to get a look at some of the city's other boroughs. I would definitely recommend looking around outside of Times Square and its immediate surroundings. While I was there, my friends and I spent a lot of time walking around, which gave us a great feel for the place. I really, really enjoy it there, and I can't wait to go back
Iwan Williams
New York, New York!! The Big Apple, it is essential for one to wander in Times Square, take a horse ride through Central Park, take a glimpse at the Empire State Building or munch on a mouth watering Hot dog. Don't foget to visit another historical figure which is the New York Lady aka The Statue of Liberty. That's why they say that New York is the city that never sleeps.
Hansel D'souza
I've always enjoyed New York, whether as an impoverished student or now that I'm a real grown up! The last time we went we stayed at The Park Central Hotel which is just opposite Carnegie Hall - perfect location to hit all the tourist spots. The weather can be a bit extreme though so choose carefully when you go - snow and ice in winter and can be very hot and humid in the summer. But dress accordingly and you'll have a great time!
Maria Kenny
Wow we eloped and got married in New York (could write a seperate review of thet one) so it is a very special place to us. We stayed for 7 days and were were glad we did, we felt 3 nights would have been to short. It lived up to and exceeded our expectations. We also felt incredibly safe and were quite happy walking around very late into the evening. It is probably not a destination I would take little children to mainly because the pace of life is fast and there is so much to see and do such as Empire State, Statue of liberty, Macys, Broadway, Tiffanys, that would tire little minds. We stayed in the Westin Times Square which was perfectly situated for amazing views and getting around. Give the stakehouse a miss in the basement though, bit expensive and not as good as other restaurants we tried and a bit dingy. Would love to go again. Awesome and much talked about break/wedding/ honeymoon
Michelle Hough
the city that never sleeps. The saddest part of my trip were the world trade center ground zero area. Very sad, and very quiet there, even tho it is in the middle of downtown.
Loved New York and surprised myself. i thought New York would be a waste of time....but how wrong was I. I loved it !! I was transformed by its grandeur and magic and kept saying wow ! How something so relatively modern can be so stunning is a revelation. Well done New York
Geeta Howles
Probably my favourite city in all the world. Enormous city but without the anonymity of London; proud New Yorkers will stop and help bewildered tourists (as I found out when I was lost trying to find the Empire State Building - I was in fact standing beneath it!!) . A magical place to enjoy shopping, food and walks with friends and loved ones.
Eleanor Croft
We took the regular service train called the Coastliner from Boston to New York and what a wonderful trip!It really did follow the coast all the way. First time in New York we came out of the station and it just took our breath away to see New York-people and traffic everywhere!!A fantastic destination!!
Sharron Rutherford
New York is a fantastic city for a short break or for a longer visit. There is so much to see and do and the subway makes it easy to get around. The empire States building is a must see, but I would advise an early visit to avoid the crowds.
Brendan Farrelly
New York is the city of "hope" and "culture". A real cosmopolite with all the people fom all around the world. The Broadway shows are the must to sees if you are even travelling for two three days. Do not ever forget to eat in the best burger places after the Broadway Show. Lady Liberty would love you to visit her and see how proud she is about the freedom. Take your time in the bookstores all around the city and choose Central Park as your favourite place to read. You need some shoes? (cause I know women do) Just go find a Payless shoe store and you will have all kinds at great prices. I loved living in New York City and there are a lot you can do. There is no other city in the world where the bus drivers are such polite and friendly. Like Frank Sinatra says... New York New York...
Aysenur Guven
North Carolina
Holding my breath and making no noise whilst a large brown bear crossed the garden of a house we stayed at in North Carolina, United States of America
Rene Jones
Oahu, HI
Comfortable, inviting and accommodating. Oahu is a beautiful place to visit.
Sarah Brown Tesolin
Orlando, FL
Sure there are theme parks in Orlando. Obviously. But last year we spent three weeks in Orlando enjoying some of the other amenities Orlando has to offer. Wonderworks is a great place to escape the heat and crowds of the theme parks, but still have a lot of fun with great activities. There is lots to discover and it's educational too. Of particular fun for our family was putting ourselves inside giant bubbles and checking out the space exhibit. The next time you are in Orlando, take some time out from the big theme parks. Orlando has a lot to offer for all ages.
Angela Nightingale
What seems exciting about Florida is it's Theme Parks. Disney Land and Universal Studios makes you want to relive your childhood fantasies of meeting your cartoon mascots and take a roller coaster ride of your lifetime.
Hansel D'souza
Florida is a holiday that caters for everyone whether it be shopping, theme parks, water sports, adventure... you name it, they will have it. The best holiday destination you will ever go to.
Adrian Pearce
The Fantasy of Flight Museum is well worth a visit, whether you're an aviation fanatic, a historian, or want to take the kids to somewhere slightly cheaper than Disney. The 30's style diner had the nicest burgers in Florida as well.
Gary Burnett
Orlando is a definite must-see for all, but especially those with families. There is so much to do that you won't have time to fit it all in - try and schedule some days away from the theme parks to enjoy the pool area of the Courtyard Marriott Village. The shopping is great so make the most of it when you're over there!
Maria Kenny
Having enjoyed two fantastic holidays at The Courtyard Marriot Village I can thoroughly recommend it to both couples or families. With all the space of an apartment, yet the many benefits and convenience of a hotel. It is perfectly placed for Orlando's superb attraction - Disney Village is minutes away, as are the theme parks, fantastic shopping outlets and superb restaurants. In fact, I can't wait to return for another amazing stay!!
Hazel Bennellick
Saint Pete Beach, FL
While on vacation in September 0f 1995 my future wife and I spent ten days at the Holiday inn on St. Petersburg beach, we had a gulf view room. The service was out of this wold (extra towels, pillows etc. Unlike othe hotels that we had staye at the sheets were changed every day and lovely sayings were left on our pillow by our maid. The ultimate luxury was we went home to new york and both of us retired and moved backin October with jobs waiting ( we passed out resumes one day of our vaction when it was rainy. In 1997 we were married in the same hotel on there shyline revoling catering hall. It was complemented b the woman who directed the arrangements with anything we asked for and were even afforded a free overnight stay at no chage. The most memorable thing was people we invited even the clergy that performed the ceremony awed at the view. We put disposable cameras on each table ( 24 sot cameras) and an announcement was made to please leave the cameras after the ceremony so all the pictues could be developed and given to the Bride and Groom. When we got he pictures developed 60% were of the beautiful sunset that occured over the Gulf of Mexico.
Alfred Wilson
Zion National Park, UT
Zion park is stunningly tranquil and picturesque. Every corner presents a new vista to feast your eyes on. It is breath taking to see the rock formations, the fauna and flora that abound there. Our visit was only too short, But hey what a brilliant reason to go back and explore more!!!!!!
Shelley Mair

grand central station
grand central station

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