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Spain Question from Carol Hawkins - 20 January 2013
Q: What are temperatures and rainfall in Costa de la Luz in February.
A: Average max daytime temp of 16C. Average rainfall is 72mm for the month.

Spain Question from hazel - 11 January 2012
Q: How far is it from Malaga to Baeza?
A: It is about a 3 hour drive to Baeza but definitely worth the trip. Buses run from Malaga and Granada.

Spain Question from Lo - 19 December 2011
Q: What UK companies offer holidays to Las Palmas?
A: Lots of holiday companies go to Gran Canaria! Try Thomson, Thomas Cook or any of the major operators.

Spain Question from l Muir - 09 November 2011
Q: For 2 adults and a 17 year old what is best: Puerto del Carmen or Costa Teguise?
A: Puerto del Carmen has more nightlife and a better beach whilst Costa Teguise is quieter and more relaxed but can be quite windy. In your case, the best bet is probably Puerto del Carmen.

Spain Question from tony lathwell - 11 September 2011
Q: How easy is it to find a hotel on-spec in Ibiza in May rather than pre-booking?
A: Yes, that should be no problem. The season opens in May but it is a pretty quiet month with plenty of accommodation available. The main clubbing season does not start till early June.

Spain Question from Jacquie Platt - 10 September 2011
Q: Where is the nearest, cheapest place to go for guaranteed sun this winter?
A: Nowhere can 100% guarantee sunshine, but if you live in the UK then the Canary Islands are a good bet. See the climate guides at Weather2Travel for more info.

Spain Question from Barbara Ward - 02 September 2011
Q: I was asked for my passport at a hotel in Tenerife, I did not mind showing it, but they wanted to keep it and return it at the end of my holiday... do they have a right to keep my passport? In fact does anyone ever have a right to keep my passport?
A: The official FCO advice on this is as follows: Hotels have a legal duty to register the passport details of tourists when they check in. Wait until the hotel staff have registered your passport details or taken a photocopy of your passport, rather than leaving it in reception to collect later. It may help to take your own photocopy.

Spain Question from Tony Lathwell - 01 September 2011
Q: Are there any quiet non-commercial places to visit in Majorca?
A: Despite the mass market tourism, there are also plenty of quieter spots in Majorca. Valdemossa or Deia spring to mind... traditional villages with only limited tourist development.

Spain Question from Ann Clements - 09 August 2011
Q: why are travellers cheques not accepted by banks in Calpe, Spain?
A: Unfortunately this is becoming more and more common in Spain. It seems the banks & exchange bureaux do not like the admin and the increasing risk of forgery.

Spain Question from Howard Egelberg - 14 July 2011
Q: What is the average temperature in November in Barcelona, Spain?
A: According to our friends at Weather2Travel, average max daytime temp is 16C and night-time is 8

Spain Question from Francisco Gonzalez Fernandez - 27 June 2011
Q: In the Canary Islands, which is the most beautiful island?
A: Such a difficult choice that we will have to pick two... Fueteventura for its stunning sand dunes and beaches; Lanzarote for its incredible volcanic landscape and Cesar Manrique legacy.

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Type your question & details below and we will do our best to answer it...

Please note that 360TravelGuide.com will never share your email address or individual information with any third party.
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