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Mauritius Question from asif - 31 July 2013
Q: What is the flight time from Mauritius to Poland?
A: 15 hours via Dubai with Emirates

Golf Question from Jim Keown - 18 June 2013
Q: How may golf course are there on la Gomera?
A: Just the one. Its La Tecina Golf on the southern coast of the island. Spectacular views there.

Flights Question from Tebogo Ndlovu - 18 June 2013
Q: Where can i find information on flying times & connections for flights from the UK?
A: This page is a good starting point: http://www.360travelguide.com/England/flighttimes.asp

France Question from ann - 12 June 2013
Q: How do I find fetes in Northern France at the end of July and August?
A: This site is a good starting point: http://www.northernfrance-tourism.com

China Question from barry - 31 January 2013
Q: How long is flight from Sydney to Shanghai? Is this direct, or a stop over?
A: Qantas fly direct from Sydney Kingsford Smith to Shanghai Pu Dong airport. Flight time is about 11 hours.

Spain Question from Carol Hawkins - 20 January 2013
Q: What are temperatures and rainfall in Costa de la Luz in February.
A: Average max daytime temp of 16C. Average rainfall is 72mm for the month.

France Question from Beverly - 19 January 2013
Q: Aiguille du Midi is 3,842m What is the measurement in feet?
A: We make that 12,605 feet.

Singapore Question from Angie - 16 January 2013
Q: Flight time from Singapore to Alaska
A: Quickest way is via Japan and then west coast USA, probably Seattle. Allow 24 hours including the 2 flight transfers.

Turkey Question from Graham Voss - 13 January 2013
Q: We have booked an all inclusive holiday to stay at Side Star Beach Hotel in August 2013 and my 5 year old daughter has coeliacs disease which means that she requires a diet free from wheat and gluten. I have been trying to find information online about food labelling and gluten free products which might be available in Turkey but have not had much success. Just wondered if you could tell me which is the nearest supermarket to the hotel that sells gluten free products and also if you know where I would be able to buy gluten free products.
A: We have not managed to find concrete information on shops in that area but we did find this article which might be of use: http://www.glutenfreemrsd.com/2010/06/eating-gluten-free-in-turkey.html Also, if you dont know it already, this site has useful info for celiacs on holiday: http://www.celiactravel.com/

Flights Question from Amanda - 03 January 2013
Q: How long does it take to fly from Indianapolis, IN to Paris?
A: Currently no direct flights from Indianapolis to Paris, France. Flight on BA or American with connection in JFK will take about 12 hours in total.

France Question from Alan M - 29 December 2012
Q: Are French motorway service stations open on New Years day?
A: French motorway service stations are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. More info at: autorutes.fr

Kenya Question from louise juma - 12 December 2012
Q: How much is it from Kenya to Scotland?
A: For a scheduled flight you would have to fly via somewhere like Heathrow or Amsterdam with British Airways or KLM. Cost would be about 600 return depending on the time of year. Alternatively you could try a charter flight with a holiday company like Thomson who fly from London Gatwick to Mombasa.

Argentina Question from emilia moretti - 28 November 2012
Q: We will be in Argentina during Christmas holidays and need to know if an international driving license is required or is an Italian or Dutch driving license okay?
A: A UK drivers license is definitely accepted in Argentina. Not sure about other European licences though.

Flights Question from jenny - 24 November 2012
Q: How long is the direct Monarch flight from London Gatwick airport to Tobago please.
A: Flight time to Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport in Tobago from London is approximately 9 hours.

United Kingdom Question from Richard - 22 November 2012
Q: We would like to travel from Glasgow down the coastline to Bladnoch distillery. What is the best route to take in much of the coastline?
A: From Glasgow head east on the A737 and A760 to the coast at Largs. Then follow the A78 down the coast to Ayr and then the A719 to Turnberry. Then the A77 as far as Stranraer at which point you will need to start heading inland towards Bladnoch.

Flights Question from Mary Bell - 28 October 2012
Q: What is the approximate flight time between Richmond Virginia & Reno Nevada?
A: You will need to make a couple of stops so I would allow at least 8 hours with the transfers.

Luxembourg Question from marie - 22 October 2012
Q: Hi, I want to travel from Frankfurt to Luxembourg. What is the best way there with train or bus.
A: Either way, it is a pretty route. Train to Luxembourg will take about 3 hours with one change. Going by bus from Frankfurt would take about the same time, and a bit less if you are driving a car.

Austria Question from Paul Greening - 22 October 2012
Q: Can you tell me please what public transport is available from Innnsbruck airport to Pillerseetal in June time.
A: Trains run all year from Innsbruck airport via Kitzbuhel & Sant Johan.

India Question from thomas kudwori - 21 October 2012
Q: What is the approximate travel time from Johannesburg in South Africa to Delhi in India by air.
A: Quickest way is probably flying via Dubai with Ermirates. Total travel time for the two flights is 14 hours.

Greece Question from vicky roberts - 16 October 2012
Q: Is Lindos Rhodes typically greek or very commercialised?
A: There are plenty of tourists but Lindos has largely managed to retain its Greek charm. Lindos also has the famous Acropolis which is very much worth a visit.

Latvia Question from Lindsey - 14 October 2012
Q: what is the major art of Latvia?
A: I think this is a question for local experts. The Ministry of Culture of Latvia has a good introduction to Latvian art here: http://www.culture.lv/en/heritage/9/

Slovenia Question from Colin Fitz - 20 September 2012
Q: Recommendations for visiting Slovenia, please.
A: The beautiful and historical capital city of Ljubljana is the obvious place to start. Away from the cities, try the stunning Julian Alps, the lakes & the ever improving Slovenian wine regions.

Lithuania Question from Colin Fitz - 20 September 2012
Q: Latvia or Lithuania for my next holiday
A: Why not try both? Air Baltic fly from Riga to Vilnius every day. Flight time is under 1 hour.

Sweden Question from victor - 19 September 2012
Q: What is a Swedish massage?
A: It is a body massage that releases tension by working the muscle tissue. Swedish massage helps promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and reduce stress.

Iceland Question from Sarah Goring - 15 September 2012
Q: Such a beautiful landscape - what time of the year is the best time to visit Iceland?
A: High season is summer from June to August when the temeratures are highest and the days are longest. Winter & Spring are also popular for those wanting to view the Nothern Lights.

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Type your question & details below and we will do our best to answer it...

Please note that 360TravelGuide.com will never share your email address or individual information with any third party.
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