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Thailand Travel Highlights


Highlights of Thailand

Find your perfect beach, hang out with orangutans, or shop till you drop in the Bangkok markets... there is something for everyone in beautiful Thailand. Below are just some of the highlights submitted by you, our readers...

Wat Chiang Man temple
Wat Chiang Man temple
Thailand is just one of many places where you'll see people of mixed cultures and traditions. It a way of exploring the uniqeness within this magnificent country. I love the many luxury hotels that it has and the relaxation of the spa is devine.
The koh san road is great... you get anything you want eg. fresh food, clothes, shoes and much more. It also has some three wheeler taxis called took-tooks and massage centers which are very relaxing.
ramtin j.b
I didn't go to this mall during my stay in Bangkok but it looks like a good place for shopping. Everything is so cheap, particularly in the markets, that it's easy to get carried away with buying stuff. You need to be a little bit wary though… a friend of mine bought this cute little table lamp from a market stall and it literally blew up when she got it home!
Manpreet K
No trip to Thailand is complete without seeing Bangkok’s ornately decorated Royal Palace (also known as the Grand Palace).
Ashif Hossain
The Peninsular hotel has to be the best hotel in Thailand, never mind Bangkok. To give you an example... there was no minibar in our room, but there was a real bar with full size bottles instead! No free shoeshine kits at the Peninsular... instead you leave your shoes in a little cubbie hole by your bedroom door and when you wake up in the morning they have been cleaned by the fairies! (actually probably not fairies but yet another member of the consistently excellent staff who just cannot do enough for you). Must be in the top 10 hotels of the world.
Robert Prince
Chiang Mai
Go see the orangutans if you can
Heather V
Ko Samet
Seeing the Southern Cross in the night sky for the first time. We were on the beach in Ko Samed or Koh Samet
Ko Samui
Getting to the full moon party from Ko Samui during a storm in the middle of the night. Great party and we lost a mate off the back of the boat who ended up swimming for half an hour. Lucky boy!."
Chris Paton
WOW i stayed here for 5 days before moving onto bangkok for 17 days and i wish it were the other way round as Pattaya was the best, amazing!
Alex Wiseman

Pattaya city centre
Pattaya city centre

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