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Sweden Eating & Drinking


Eating & Drinking in Sweden

Whilst not necessarily known for its food, Sweden can nevertheless boast some famous food and drink… Absolut vodka, Pickled herring and Gravlax (or gravad lax) salmon, are just three names that will be familiar to many. Indeed, with a huge coastline and a multitude of rivers, lakes & fjords, Swedish menus will almost always feature plenty of fish.

Stockholm Royal Palace
Stockholm Royal Palace

However, whilst pickled and preserved fish are popular with locals, tourists should be aware that some of the delicacies are not for the faint hearted. Surströmming, for example, is a fermented Baltic herring that continues its fermentation after being put in the can and, once opened, has a strong odor and unique flavour that for some is an acquired taste but for many is positively sick-making!

Visitors might therefore decide that meat is a safer option and one of the most widespread dishes is the ubiquitous Swedish meatballs… generally made of beef and served with gravy and a scrumptious lingonberry sauce. Reindeer, on the other hand, is not the Swedish staple dish some would have you believe, especially in the south of the country. However, it is certainly worth trying if you see it on the menu in a decent Stockholm restaurant.

Fafangan ferry terminal view
Fafangan ferry terminal view

To finish your meal you can always be sure of a decent coffee in Sweden since Swedes are some of the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. And if you prefer something stronger, then a Scandinavian vodka or schnapps will help stave off the cold of a Swedish winter.

Of course if the cost or climate of Sweden put you off actually travelling there, these days help is at hand from those friendly people at Ikea. Swedish food and/or restaurants are now widely available in many of their stores across the UK, USA and elsewhere!

Stockholm - Hotorget market
Stockholm - Hotorget market

See below for some Swedish language words and phrases to help you find your perfect holiday meal in Sweden...

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