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St. Lucia Travel Highlights


Highlights of St. Lucia

Tasty tapas, rich riojas and shimmering sunshine... what's not to like about St Lucia? Below are just some of the St Lucia holiday highlights submitted by you, our readers...

Anse Chastanet
I visited St Lucia in Dec on a cruise ship. We booked an excursion online through Scuba Steves Dive Shop. It was called a Dive and Drive. The entire experience was incredible. St Lucia is breath taking. If you go check you ships departure time as we almost missed the boat.
Ken Lamy
Anse des Pitons
Driving down to Jalousie Beach - this trek is not for everyone. It is VERY HILLY and would really make you question its existence. We were able to park at their main parking lot where awaited a shuttle for us down to the beach. The surprises just keep on coming. I knew they had a nice beach, but it doesn't register just how nice until you're walking on the white imported sands. Right away I made a dash for the water after setting down our towels and bag. The almost bathtub warm waters of the Caribbean Sea is easy to adapt to. Snorkeling at the right side of the beach behind the buoys is fantastic. I used to own a salt water aquarium and tried my best to replicate the corals and undersea wildlife. Now I find myself swimming in a version of one that can't be duplicated in any aquarium. Needless to say I was a prune by the time I forced myself out of the water. After some time now we called for a shuttle for the ride back up to our vehicle. At their bar pool we did notice a topless sunbather. Some older lady that really shouldn't have been. But to each's own. Everyone is chillin'. It's all good.
Thai M.
The strong smell of sulphor from the volcano is very similar to that of rotten eggs. It takes some getting used to, but you do soon enough. The fee was $5 USD per person and you're given your own personal guide. After paying, you drive through and over the bridge of the actual volcano and park. From there, our guide told us the history of the site and pointed out all of the interesting features we shouldn't miss. We also had the opportunity to feel how warm the water is from the creek that runs through it. She was great. An interesting fact, visitors used to be allowed down to the actual volcano itself until one of the guides was showing off and had fallen through. His name was Gabriel. He was burned pretty badly up to his waist. The hole he ended up creating had since grown substantially and still bubbles from the heat today. It's now called Gabriel's hole. And he's since retired and lives in Soufriere and has had kids. So I guess he made off okay. We concluded our volcano visit with a quick stop at the vendors at the gates where bought our kids some necklaces made of volcanic rock.
Thai M.
I flew over the Pitons after opting for a helicopter transfer back to the airport at the end of my holiday. If you have a chance - do it! It's amazing (and more relaxing than the 2 hour mini bus journey on our way in!)
Caroline Clark

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