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Portugal Eating & Drinking


Eating & Drinking in Portugal

If property is all about Location, Location, Location then Portugal has to be about Seafood, Seafood, Seafood. With the rapid progress of tourism and commercialization across Western Europe it’s becoming harder and harder to find traditional fishing villages where freshly caught seafood goes from sea to plate in just a matter of hours. In Portugal, however, this time honoured tradition is still fiercely maintained with any decent seaside restaurant only displaying shiny bright eyed fish to their customers.

calheta madeira
calheta madeira

Portuguese cooking has many similarities to Spanish & Mediterranean cuisine with plenty of seafood, garlic & tomatoes being used. The difference with Portugal is the additional herbs and spices such as coriander, saffron & piri piri peppers that add a bit of eastern spice. Indeed it was the Portuguese that introduced the chilli pepper to India way back in the 15th century, so they obviously know something about spicy food!

Portugal’s capital Lisbon offers a fantastic array of bars & restaurants and a true outdoor café culture. Here you can try some of the fantastic meat dishes of Portugal such as a typical cozido which is a rich stew made with meat and vegetables. And back on the coast in the Algarve’s coastal resorts of Faro, Lagos, & Vilamoura you can even combine meat with fish in dishes such as Carne de Porco à Alentejana which is a dish of fried pork and clams…. a Portuguese take on surf and turf. Wash it all down with some Vino Verdhe - or green wine – a speciality Portuguese wine whose “greenness” is not to do with the colour of the wine but its light fresh taste. Indeed, somewhat confusingly, these green wines can actually be red, white or even rosé!

praia da quateira
praia da quateira

See below for some Portuguese language words and phrases to help you find your perfect holiday meal in Portugal...

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