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Norway Travel Highlights


Highlights of Norway

Norway boasts famous fjords and the beautiful city of Oslo among its many attractions. Below are just some of the Norwegian highlights submitted by you, our readers...

Oslo - one of the must places to visit. Fantastic city - full of life and yet offers a the chance to get away to the islands and beaches within 30 minutes of the centre
Byron Lewis
We visited Oslo just for a day, whilst on a cruise. The ship docked withing sight of Radhusplassen so there was no need to pay for an expensive excursion, we walked there in a couple of minutes. It was a very pleasant city.
Bett Pickering
From the top of the Holmenkollen Ski Jump you get the most amazing panoramic views of Oslo, however I would only recommend climbing to the top if you don't mind heights. Once you're up there it's okay, but the lift only takes you part the way up and the remaining stairs are a bit hairy. The ski jump museum is also worth visiting. The redevelopment work will take 2 years from October 2008, so there is no chance to try it out at the moment.
I spent 3 months living in Oslo and it is a fantastic city. The public transport is clean and efficient, you can buy 1 week or 1 month travel cards and they are quite reasonable, the public transport guide book is easy to follow. Alcohol is expensive, £5 a beer, £20+ for a bottle of wine [if you go out], but if you are staying in or visiting friends try the Vinmonopolet [store] where bottles of wine start at £5! Visit the park, where there are many statues, and the docks where the seafood is amazing, try a restaurant called rorbua, for best prices. Summer is the best time to go, temperatures start going down in October time and winter brings very deep snow which stays for at least 3 months...unless you like winter sports! Also, Summer time, you have more daylight hours, winter can be a bit depressing!
Rochelle Lear
Before I went to Oslo, I used to wonder why Munch always depicted the citizens of Oslo as having faces set in expressions of grim anguish. I soon realised once I got there that they were probably hungry as it can cost a small fortune to buy a meal there. But still, the scenery soon takes away the hunger pangs as the long summer nights stretch towards midnight and the light really does take on the rich hues of a Munch painting.
David Pritchard
Thor Heyerdahl, has been my hero since a very young age, so being able to see the Kon Tiki and Ra, that he built and sailed across the sea in was mind blowing! Visit the Kon Tiki museum and find out more about this amazing modern day adventurer!
after emerging from a quaint but bustling market you approach a building that takes your breath away from the pillers to the entrance you actualy feel this is an important place and you then realise why it has been at the very for front of educational supremacy
Michael Crozier
The Royal Palace in Oslo is a fantastic place to visit, especially when they change the guard. Probably a little cold from December through to February - best to visit in the summer.'
Colin Carter

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