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Netherlands Travel Highlights


Highlights of Netherlands

The Netherlands offers much for the tourist but it's not all about Amsterdam. The Dutch polders, castles & tulips for example are three more highlights not to be missed. Below are just some of the Dutch highlights submitted by you, our readers...

What people forget about Amsterdam is it is not just a city for pot smokers, stags and general party folk but a beautifully cultured city with unique museums and galleries and friendly residents. This truly is a city with something for everyone.
Just got back from amsterdam - fantastic place, went on a canal trip, tried to avoid getting knocked down by the bikes, and couldn't find the red light district! [daren't ask anyone!!!] ---next time !
Karolyn Holden
Amsterdam is the most American friendly city that I have visited outside of the USA. The trolleys and waterways are ideal for the tourist in us all. I will go back one day with the rest of my family. My husband and I walked everywhere and every street was a delight. We did not go to the red light district as there was so much to do and not enough time. We did visit the cafes, and bemoan the fact that we have nothing like them in the US. my husband wanted to stay and make his living by playing the air guitar. He came home, but we talk about our brief 7 trip often.
Kathleen Fennessey
I came to Amsterdam expecting non-stop parties and weed, but was surprised to see that it was actually a beautiful city full of culture. It was easy to walk around, so hire a bike and live the experience even more! The red-light district is changing and worth a visit just to to say you've been there, it is a unique experience that is much safer than you'd expect, as it is filled with more tourists than actual customers. The museums were great, and the library is phenomenal. I loved Amsterdam
Iwan Williams
A lovely chilled out city and the Rijks Museum is amazing. The cakes are something else too I don't know why our cake shops are so rubbish in comparison!
Nicola Knight
Amersterdam is amazing especially if your great at cycling. That's what its most famous for anyway. I love it there it's a change of environment to the UK and I love to go there to visit my family who live by a heavenly beach. I even love the language that they speak!
It is a lovely city and don't miss the the boat rides as they are superb.
Anthea Holloway
Amsterdam is wonderful for the cyclist. Everyone bimbles around on old bikes never bothering to lock them up. Unlike in the UK, we have sat at pavement cafes late into the evening in the centre of Amsterdam sharing the convivial atmosphere with groups of locals, sometimes comprising several generations. A very relaxed and easy-going city.
Paul Taylor
Amsterdam is great for a short break - I've been there in the summer and in January too when it snowed the entire time and made the city look even more beautiful. The restaurants and bars are plentiful and laidback. Shopping is good - high street shoppping as well as a good choice of lesser known European designers. The red light area is definitely worth visiting and is not as intimidating as you might think. Just be careful of the groups of men who hang around wanting to sell you drugs - that was the only down side of our trip.
Maria Kenny
Several of the buildings along Damrak are considered to be classics of the late 19th and early 20th century. The structure at Damrak 62 was built to be the headquarters of the publishing firm Allert de Lange, an internationally famous firm that was subsequently persecuted by the Nazis. The neo-gothic gabled building on Damrak is interestingly decorated in an elaborate style. It's currently occupied by the N.V. Bever Holding Company (real estate). The architect was G. Van Looy (1852-1911).
Amsterdam is a curious travellers paradise. It's such a soothing atmosphere being so near to so much water, and the architecture is only to be admired. The red light zone is well managed and policed - certainly not as grotty or seedy as one would imagine. The shops cater to all tastes, and the people are friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend a visit to Amsterdam for any traveller.
Mrs Priest
Amsterdam is a fantastic place to visit- so versatile! Ideal for all ages. Its nice and compact for walking, the tram, train and bus are all great to get around, should you want to go further. The people & shops & good food make it a perfect place to enjoy!
Mrs. J. Roest
Dam Square is beautiful by day or by night. See the Royal Palace and the National Monument then have a coffee to refresh yourself. Highly recommended!
john saint
get a bicycle and visit the city in a very ecological way

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