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Japan Travel Highlights


Highlights of Japan

From the most modern of cities to the most ancient of traditions... Japan offers a truly eclectic mix for any tourist. Below are just some of the Japanese highlights submitted by you, our readers...

Ginkaku-ji Kyoto
Ginkaku-ji  Kyoto
Tokyo nightlife ronponggi and ginza is buzzing with vibes and energy... the city never sleeps
Ginza is a good shopping place from the high-end bag maker Louis Vuitton to the affordable but fashionable H&M. Lots of good places to eat too. Cars are banned on the main streets on weekends to make room for plenty of shoppers.
Tokyo is an amazing place, known across the world for it's culture. The central headquarters of the world's manga and anime revolution, this city is known throughout the world for it's brilliant novels, amazing sights, chic clothing, and pocky, the food made in heaven and sold in Japan. A brilliant place to visit and even live, Tokyo is the best place to go in the whole world.
Zaynab Varachhia
A curious mix of modernity and history, East and West, efficiency and crazed confusion - Tokyo is one of the must-visit cities of the world. Some interesting things to do: sample traditional ramen by paying first at a modern vending machine; take the subway - probably the most complicated in the world; visit the Imperial Palace and then zoom down to Ginza for a spot of shopping.
The Wit
If your deciding on where to go next, it should be Japan. This country is both rich in culture and modernized. The transportation is easy, fast and accessible to almost every city. There are loads of sightseeing, partying and shopping. The Japanese people are some of the most courteous people i've ever met.
Marc cunningham downer
Tokyo is a fun and colorful place to be in. My favourite thing to do would be to taste all of their yummy Meiji food products.
miks doroja

Shogun pavilion Kyoto
Shogun pavilion Kyoto

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