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Italy Travel Highlights


Highlights of Italy

The bridge sighs in Venice and the tower is leaning in Pisa, but the Italian cities are anything but sleepmaking. Below are just some of the highlights submitted by you, our readers...

You must try the limoncello... lemon liquer perfect for a hot day.
B Dodt
Named for one of the greatest masters ever, this stunning Piazzale is a must see in Florence - the heart of Art.
Audrey H
Florence is so beautiful… the duomo, Ponte Vecchio, the art & architecture… fabulous.
Mrs H Patel
Lake Como
If you go to Lake Como maybe you'll be lucky enough to spot George Clooney on his holiday. Or one of his many celebrity friends, like Brad Pitt with wife, Angelina Jolie. So, it's worth trying your luck? ;)
Totir Alexandru
Not only a beautiful town on the shores of the lake but also the place where Mussolini was captured when attempting to escape Italy at the end of World War 2. All I can say is he chose a top spot to hole up in!!
Lake Garda
The most majestic Italian lake, but suffers from over-development, smog and poor water quality. Better to go to a smaller lake further north.
Michael C
A wonder of spires, pinnacles and ancient architecture. Milan’s Duomo is central in the heart of the city, dominant in front of a large, popular piazza which attracts thousands of visitors and locals to this architectural wonder. This Duomo, or cathedral, is one of the most spectacular I have ever seen or visited. From first glance its absolutely covered with interesting features, created over several centuries, all resulting in just about every outer surface being adorned with gargoyles, statues, stained-glass windows, from the ground level up to a most stunning golden Madonna on the highest peak. You can go up to the upper sections but I did not go - I imagine the views of the city and the roof architecture must be amazing. Inside the many altars, artworks and historic, religious pieces are stunning. I particularly remember the Madonna of the Tree altar as it is so ornate. Adding to the beauty and history are three huge, colourful stained-glass windows. While we visited there was a service being held and the Roman Catholic priest’s ‘smokey’ chants really brought the Duomo alive for me. Outside, be aware of the intrusive pedlars who want to take photos of you - their fee will ‘break your travel budget’ and the way they keep at you is just about as annoying as the copious amounts of pigeons dive-bombing you! In front of the duomo there is a huge, black statue which is worthy of a photo or two. Nearby you can walk through the magnificent Gallerie Vittorio Emanuele II on your way to the La Scala opera house. The Duomo is the right place to sit a while, get out your map and sort out the attractions you want to walk to and set out from here, but - be sure to partake of a delicious 'gellato' ice from the shop in front of the cathedral.
Lois R
Ever asked yourself 'why should i go to Naples when i can go to Pompeii'? If you have,you're trully missing an important point. Naples is a beautiful and historical place, filled with royal forts and other historical buildings and guess what?... The Archaeological Museum hosts some of many Pompeii’s finest finds in it.
Aminuddin Bin Baharudin
Camposanto - Constructed in the 13th century, this cemetery (or Sacred Field) supposedly contains sacred earth brought back from the Crusades.
Enchanting and exciting the shops and restaurants (Max's) were great.
Marc Klein
Piazza San Pietro inside the Vatican is one of world's most known places. Everyday, hundreds, thousands of tourists come to see where the Pope lives and where at any important Holiday many people gather for the services and maybe to see the Pope. It is very beautiful and it gives you a feeling of accomplishment.
Totir Alexandru
Sicily has so many amazing relics of the ancient Greek world but the Valley of the Temples is the most impressive of them all. DO NOT MISS IT!
John Cox
We spent our last holidays in the Marina Grande and are returning again this year. It is the most romantic place in the world and I cant imagine ever tiring of it
Anne Cummins
Great place for a stroll at night - terrific shops and bistros
I would not hesitate to recommend Sorrento as a place to visit. I felt that a seven day visit was plenty to see most of what we wanted to, 10 days would certainly be sufficient and allow for an extra couple of relaxation days as after most of the sight seeing we were pretty tired in the evenings. It does get crowded in the summer months and naturally very hot as well and it is important to take account of the traffic noise when booking a hotel. What you will get though is a busy tourist resort frequented by Italians which is an excellent base from which to explore a beautiful part of Italy.
Daniel Spedding
Oh...Venice is so beautiful, so romantic! But the picture doesn't represent the real Venice: usually it's full of tourists!!! But if you are patient and wait until there are just few people, you can taste the real atmosphere as in Goldoni's masterpieces.
barbara codarin
One of the best things about Venice, is that you can go off the main trial, and just stroll through the alleys and get a peek into peoples lives, in this fabulous town! You discover these amazing little piazzas, and parks that are reserved for the locals. Fantastic!
Verona. Classical buildings with a historical atmosphere around each corner, a place that has true depth of arts and culture in it. Avanti e saluti.
Tsui Siu Ming Martin

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