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Gibraltar Travel Highlights


Highlights of Gibraltar

A little piece of Britain but without the cloud and rain! The Rock of Gibraltar is a popular tourist destination with year round sunshine and excellent shopping. Plus the sights and sounds of Spain are right on the doorstep for those who like exploring a bit further afield. Below are just some of the Gibraltan highlights submitted by you, our readers...

High above the bustle of Gilbraltar, enjoy the view to Africa amidst the tranquil calm.
Mark Getty
Gibraltar is so much fun, even if there is only one main road! The bars at Casemates are very good as is the beach.
Anthony Gerrard
A great place to visit, just a couple of hours away by air, most of the locals speak English ( sort of! ) and you don't need to change your pounds to a currency you don't understand. Beaches, pubs, clubs, ruins, cave tours a bustling town...what more could you ask for? Want to explore a bit further? Pop on the ferry or a 30 minute flight over to Morroco, Hire a car and have a drive into Spain....the weekly market just across the Spanish border in La Linea is a must visit and only a short walk away! Another must is to find out the arrival/departure times of a flight or two, then go up the Rock to the highest point you can and watch the planes land and takeoff below you! If you like fishing, pack a small spinning rod, buy some bread in the town and go float fishing for Grey Mullet in the harbour.
Kevin Jones
Hiking to the top of the rock is recommended, if you can handle all the steps. But beware, the barbary apes can be quite aggressive, as so many have ignored the signs and fed them. The apes may jump on you and search your pockets for food, leaving smears of dung behind.
Geoffrey Anderson
I recently visited Gibraltar with friends from Uni. It was unlike anywhere I'd been before with little signs of England dotted around. Beautiful scenery, fantastic sunsets. Friendly people great food and awesome nightlife! Plus the added bonus of tax-free shopping! Definately worth a trip. It would probably take a week to get all the sights/experiences in.
Gibraltar is worth a visit just to see the apes who live up on the rock, the only wild monkeys in Europe. They can be a bit light-fingered though and have a particular taste for snatching shiny digital cameras. There are probably many of these scattered all over the apes' dens, complete with pictures of puzzled apes peering into the lens.
David Pritchard
Standing by the runway watching the aircraft take off and land is great fun and the view from the top of the rock is amazing!

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