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Germany Travel Highlights


Highlights of Germany

Germany is a huge country with a corresponding number of highlights. There are great beaches in the north, fantastic ski slopes in the south, and a wealth of must see cities in between. Below are just some of the German highlights submitted by you, our readers...

potsdamer platz berlin
potsdamer platz berlin
Absolutely stunning. A very historical city with fantastic nightlife.
Louise Cannings
Berlin is full of history and texture - the memorials to the wall which divided it for years are particularly poignant
My husband and I stayed at the Marriott Hotel which is built half on the post-war East side and the other half on the West side. It was in the middle of winter with snow everywhere but strangely enough though there is so much history of the 2nd World War which is why we went there I fell in love with Berlin. You will be amazed how multi-cultural Berlin now is. Sky-scapers crop up in most of the city and you need to look around for the pre-war buildings to get a feel of old Berlin. The city is buzzing and after havng spoken to a cafe owner (who is French and lived in London for 12years) he decided to move to Berlin as the city is new and good prospects for new businnesses. It is as if the city is being reborn. I found that sad as they are ashamed of their history and yet trying to hold on to the history that has some positive story behind it. The people are simply wonderful and helpful people and pretty obvious in need of foreign investment. You will notice there are still more projects that are in need of financing but for whatever reason not moving ahead as quick as they want it to - there are signs of that in the rest of the city where buildings are just taking too long to complete (according to speaking to some of the learned locals). Wanting to get to venture into an read where local Berliners go to we ventured out to a rather rough area of Berlin we decided to walk into a local pub and ordered Steins of their local beer. It was really lovely and the locals are very polite and warm and welcoming. We ordered our local German pub dinner,etc, etc and the whole meal costed us approximately £25. Frankly I feel that Berlin is under-rated. On our way back at midnight we came across neon lights that said "Happy Hour" - Australian bar. Happy days!!! That "Happy Hour" was actually Happy 4hours and the cocktails were on offer at £2 per glass and we had a choice of 150 different types of cocktails to choose. We tried around 30 different types each. As the street we empty by 3:30am we managed to stagger back to our hotel in one piece. Highly recommended. I will be going back to Berlin in the near future.
Nadia Nell
Museum and gallery bliss, making this surely one of the world's great cities for culture. And, of course, the whole city showcases the history of our age. Read a guide book to figure the time you will want to spend in museums and then add another 50% at least. They are that good. My favourite part of the city: the old Stalinist complexes. Not a place to live but iconic.
Michael Coupar
best time to visit is early December for the Xmas Market. Right in this plaza outside the Europa centre by the Lipstick is a great market. Don't miss the Gendarmarkt either! And the Irish Bar in the basement of the Europa Centre is great as is KaDaWe food hall.
The impressive Deutsche Staatsbibliotek was completed in 1914 beside the Humboldt University. It contains an incredible 5.5 million books, maps and prints.
Bebelplatz, named after August Bebel, leader of the Social Democrats was completed in 1780. It is infamous as the site of the 1933 book burning ceremony.
The Reichstag building originally opened in 1894 as the seat of the German Empire. In 1999 the Reichstag once again became the home of the German parliament, the Bundestag.
The Cologne cathedral is such a grand masterpiece, with an exceptional architecture, and is definitely the main attraction of this city. The square surrounding it is always filled with people.
Totir Alexandru
All sorts to do in Cologne. RIver and cathedral especially noteworthy. Personlly, we enjoyed supping the local beer of an afternoon and just watching the world go by!
Jackie Lewis
When visiting Hannover take an inexpensive Leine river journey very romantic.
dom kemster
Great place to viist! Beautiful architecture!
Olivia Austin
This is a popular garden in the centre of Munich. Jean and I took a picnic there one afternoon. There were beautiful flower displays and also local musicians playing bavarian music. Recommended!
Dave Sanders
Stayed here on business last year.The SI – Event – Centre has access to a casino and cinema.
Sachin H

jewish museum berlin
jewish museum berlin

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