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Germany Eating & Drinking


Eating & Drinking in Germany

If you are looking for a meat feast, then Germany is the destination for you. Pork, beef & various game meats are all popular, but it is pork that you will find everywhere, often in sausage (wurst) format. Indeed, there are several hundred different types of sausage in Germany... a figure that easily eclipses any other sausage eating country. Today, a growing Turkish population is also increasingly influencing culinary preferences and foods from Turley such as the doner kebab now widely available.

boats on rhine river
boats on rhine river

Of course you can still find plenty of vegetables in Germany with cabbage being a particular favourite. Sometimes an acquired taste for foreigners or tourists, the pickled cabbage known as sauerkraut offers a unique flavour that works well both cold as a salad or warm as a main course accompaniment. White asparagus (spargel) is also prolific in Germany and if you visit in Spring or early Summer you are likely to come across entire festivals and menus devoted to the Royal Vegetable.

No German meal is complete without a good bread or roll and the choices available can be bewildering at times. Rye, whole grain, sunflower, multi-grain, pumpkin, onion, pumpernickel... the list goes on and on, and in many ways bread is even more important in Germany than in France.

cologne cathedral
cologne cathedral

And if you are tasting a good bread, then you will need a decent beer or wine to wash it down. Again, Germany comes up trumps with some excellent wine regions, including the famous Riesling, but it’s the beer that has become best known of all. Hundreds of different beers are brewed across Germany and so to taste as many as you can, why not try one of the many beer festivals such as the massive Oktoberfest in Munich. Munich, Stuttgart, Straubing, Hannover, Bremen and many other towns and cities offer similar beer festivals where the beer flows freely, as does the friendliness and conviviality of both the German people and the tourists.

See below for some German language words and phrases to help you find your perfect holiday meal in Germany...

hofbrauhaus munich germany
hofbrauhaus munich germany

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