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France Travel Highlights


Highlights of France

The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Cognac, Champagne... we all have our favourite thing about France. Below are just some of the highlights submitted by you, our readers...

cordes sur ciel
cordes sur ciel
A lovely Castel in a quaint, but small village. Great location for picnicing by the river. Not too far from Castres
Simon Stevens
The French Riviera is where the rich and famous go to show off their stuff! There are plenty of top end boutiques and posh eateries in this well-to-do town.
Lucy Taylor
Cannes is not actually as expensive as we thought. Went there in late autumn last year and many of the hotels seem to offer decent rates. We assumed that they need to fill their rooms outside of the busy summer season, Cannes Film Festival etc. The grand old facades along the seafront epitomise the grandeur of the French Riviera and my girlfriend and I enjoyed wandering along the promenade imagining that we too were super rich! If only.
Du haut du mont Cassel tout le Nord s'offre à vos yeux!
Domaine de Balme, also known as Le Tour, is at the end of the CHamonix valley (i.e. a bus ride from town) but is worth visiting especially at the start of your trip. We went our first day and the re was enough for the experts but it was also easy enough (and quiet enough) for us beginners.
Cordes sur Ciel
My parents and I visited this beautiful Bastide village in 2006. I think there is also a place called Gaillac nearby which makes fantastic local wine.
Jerry Barkens
Corsica is an island of contrasts, where french is the language and its heart is italian
All of Lille's streets are liberally garnished with old and beautiful buildings, making it a very romantic city.
Alexandru Totir
Brides les bains is an excellent place to stay if you want to ski the Meribel valley but prefer a more traditional French atmosphere. It's really more of a summer resort and so tends to keep its local population and way of life compared to the tailro made ski resorts. There is also an excellent and well know spa.
Ms Kim Platt
Old Town Nice is a snapshot of old Europe with open markets, restaurants with long tables and bench seats where they serve homemade jam. Around ever bend you see shops filled with pastries and pies created with fresh ingredients. As you walk around there are fruit, vegetable and spice stands full of beautiful colors and exotic scents. This is a truly memorable destination.
Susan Knudsen
.....and if you are a Chef Patissiere (female chef), there is nothing like shopping for equipment and couture...fine women necessities. An evening staying near Notre Dame or the Louvres as your backdrop while having a romantic dinner. Visit often and the language will come to you.
Brenda Board
Sipping red wine on the steps of the basilica as the new year arrived was the most wonderful experience of my life.
Suzanne McGuire
For a new view of the city search on You Tube for the 1976 Claude Lelouch short film, "C'était un rendez-vous". You ride in a car illegally driven at speeds approaching 140 km/h across Paris to Montmartre at dawn. It sure beats a Coach Tour.
Philip Lake
did you know that all mileage(or kilometrage) in France is measured from a spot just in front of Notre Dame Cathedral doors - a must see is 'point zero' - also don't forget to go to view Notre Dame from the Eastern side ( bridge going to Ile St Louis) as this view is really beautiful - then go south over river to the most amazing bookshop - Shakespeare & Company - you might find Catweazel sleeping in an alcove in there! Or just tinkle on the piano and everyone will love you. Pick out a book, curl up in the window and read a few chapters as Paris bustles by ... the real bohemian Paris left bank
john petch
Paris is amazing. You can feel it's magnificent history engulf your whole being. One of the most amazing things I ever did was, on a chilly evening, stand in front of the beautifully lit Notre Dam Cathedral and stare in awe.
Susan Knudsen
Baguettes? The Eiffel Tower? French Kissing? What are the things you most associate with the world's capital of romance? Well now you have the chance to see it for yourself. Taking all the culture that Paris has to offer is a task in it's own right, but be sure to leave plenty of time visiting the architectural marvels and shopping for many of the great fashion to originate in Paris, plus a souvenir or two!!
Shaun O'Reilly
Will I ever tire of Paris? Of its relaxed atmosphere? Its food? Its bars? Its mixture of relaxedness and glamour? Never!
Steve J
Avoid visiting The Louvre at Easter - after entering and purchasing a guide book I discovered all museums were closed and just the grounds open!
Emma Bennett
Disney is.....Children's Heaven on earth. Magic and Bliss. as adults and Parents, we are happiest when are children are. So this is a happy place for all of us. We want more of Disney
Geeta Howles
Who said romance was dead? I had a lovely romantic 4 day break in Paris a few Novembers ago. The city has a great feel with some fantastic sights and buildings! The restaurants and food were lovely too.
Charlotte Daubney
Enjoy Paris from a perfect vantage point. Sit and observe life pass by and street entertainment from Café Beaubourg next to the all-pedestrian plaza of the Centre Pompidou at heart of Paris.'
Kian Stabell
Puy de Dome
I took the family for a holiday in the Massif Central last year and we were amazed by the paragliders at Puy de Dome. If they catch the right thermals they can stay up for literally hours!
Dave Peters
St Maxime
St Maxime is a beautiful town. We stayed there in 2009 and have just booked to come back again. Much nicer then St Tropez, superb scenery and fabulous food!
Hayley Foord
St Raphael
walking along the water with the one i love was like a dream. it was awesome
Racheal Barr
St Tropez
I don't see much difference between Cannes, St Tropez, Monaco etc. Much more interesting for me is St Marie. A unique place with true wild charm.
Aleksandra from Poland
StTropez has wonderful back streets with small inexpensive excellent resturants. Get away from the harbour area and a true provincial village appears.
sharon hawthorn
If staying in Tignes the gondola opens up a whole new skiing area to you because at the top it links up with the Val d'Isere slopes. I found there was just too much skiing for one week so will definitely be back for more.
Tour de France
The Tour de France is great fun... If you are going to watch a stage it's best to get there early to see the publicity caravan parade that gives out free gifts. The tour starts in England this year so I am definitely going to go.
Eileen Walsh

peugeot car paris
peugeot car paris

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