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Egypt Travel Highlights


Highlights of Egypt

From pyramids to palaces and carpets to cruises, Egypt offers a wealth of tourist treasures. Below are just a few of the highlights submitted by you, our readers...

Karnak Temple Luxor
Karnak Temple Luxor
Abu Simbel
Nothing can describe the feeling you get when you walk around the corner of the mountain and see the entrance to the temple, it is breathtaking and best seen at sunrise ( if you get a very early flight from Aswan) before the crowds arrive.
Susan Hall
The pyramids are a must if you visit Egypt. We got a fantastic deal when we went last year... a twin centre holiday which also included a week long Nile cruise.
Luxor is amazing and I felt not as crazy and manic as Cairo. The people are really friendly but be prepared to barter for everything. I stayed in the Sheriton complex and really did not have to leave as everything that was needed was available. Outside the complex is a different world. The market was quite scary for they do think every European is rich and bakeesh is the only work spoken. It is a wonderful place to experience and the clear blue skies are a joy. Luxor museum has some really interesting things but you can't beat Luxor temple and lightshow to get a real taste of Egypt.
Angela Taylor
This old architectural work is so amazing.can't just imagine how it is built.Love to visit the place.
Abubakar Usman
Sharm el Sheikh
Egypt is just pure luxury, believe me! It is a beautiful place with much history to share. Going to Egypt was one of the best holidays i had ever had.
Lorna Webb
Sharm el Sheikh in egypt hosts an array of amazing hotels but if i were to recommend only one hotel, it would be Laguna Vista hotel. The feeling of being there is like being in a luxurious palace. If you're looking for a place to relax and at the same time experience egypt at it's finest.. Laguna Vista is the hotel for you.
Aminuddin Baharudin
Simply woow...Egypt is really a wonderful country to visit.... Especially the pharos.
Kevin Rawoo
Had a great time in Sharm el Sheikh. Egypt is the most culturally rich country I've visited.
Nathan Jackson
In Sharm el Sheikh you can find many good hotels, offering the best to attract tourists.
Totir Alexandru
Radisson has world-class hotels. But they have really outdone themselves with their resort hotel in Sharm el Sheikh.
Totir Alexandru

Giza pyramids Egypt
Giza pyramids Egypt

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