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Cyprus Travel Highlights


Highlights of Cyprus

Whether you are exploring ancient Roman ruins or modern Western nightclubs, Cyprus does not dissapoint. Below are just some of the Cypriot highlights submitted by you, our readers...

luxury boat trip on the carrabiian
phoebe westwood
Akamas Peninsular
Great place to go. Virtually free from tourists but enough bars and restaurants dotted around for you to sample some fine Cypriot food.
Paul Baderman
Completely deserted...not even a goat to break the silence.steep road to village but hey I guess thats what keeps it so unspoiled!
Helen Espinosa
Avdimou Bay
Best taverna in cyprus, run by george and pamboss... well worth a vist
Vincent Barnes
Ayia Napa
It's always a sunny day in Ayia Napa. First class shopping, dining and nightlife. Crystal clear water and iydillic beaches, somewhere you could never get bored of and somewhere i'll always have amazing memories from.
Maria Duffey
What a party… don't forget your disco boots!
Coral Bay
Coral bay beach is spacious and welcoming. when i first visited the beach i was gobsmacked i truely advise you to visit coral bay beach!!!
emily grimes
Kato Paphos
As a kid I'd always hear mums and dads friends saying 'Paphos was gorgeous, so relaxing' So when my adventurous boyfriend announced we were going, I was a little shocked to say the least. Paphos is anything you want it to be, quiet and relaxing or an adventurers paradise. The harbour is a stunning place for a quiet stroll, the Byzantine castle releases the tomb raider in you, and if you're feeling a little wild then a long jump off a jetty with the locals is never a bad idea in the soaring heat!
Sammy Hallett
If you like culture and scenery with your holiday then paphos is for you. the palace of dionysus has some of the finest mosaics in situ in europe, the mysterious tomb of the kings will lrave you mystified. the beaches around the resort such as coral bay are delightful, sandy and safe. away from the city the troodos mountains beckon, rich in their cultural heritage of monasteries filled with superb byzantine frescoes, the painting on the ceiling of the cave at aghios neophytus beggars belief. for more scenery a visit to the akamas region is a must. wild, still untamed with miles in which to walk you might even be lucky enough to see the rare mouflon, the indigenous mountain goat. come the evening and a pleasant stroll brings you to the harbour with a venetian castle commading the entrance. choose any of the tavernas along the waterfront and spend hours over a meze surely one of the most civilised ways yet found to wile away an evening, sampling as you do some of the many excellent wines produced on the island. sun, sand, scenery and history all within a few miles of each other, where else but paphos.
eric jolliffe
A fish meze and a glass of Keo by the harbour and Theo's pelican. Bliss.
It feels like you have taken a step back in time. Great fun for the kids and adults too!
Rowena Sait
One of Cyprus's hidden gems
Colin Smith

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