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Cuba Travel Highlights


Highlights of Cuba

Land of salsa music & baseball, cigar smoke & rum cocktails, Cuba really is like no other place on earth. Below are just some of the Cuban highlights submitted by you, our readers...

Going to Guardalavaca in June and will definitely be visiting Havana - it looks amazing and seems very similar to some parts of Nicosia - can't wait!
Julie Karen Clark
We visited Havana in 2000 while Fidel still held onto power. In some ways there is an air of sadness to the city. It has some stunning architecture but it is crumbling away. It is now supported as a UNESCO world heritage centre so hopefully they can consolidate what is there. the people came across as being very friendly, but the main tourist area is very controlled. We saw the police arrest people who obviously should not have been there. I would love to go back in 5 to 10 years and see the changes.
David James
We visited last year and were blown away by the old town. Stunning Spanish colonial architecture, sadly much of it left to go to ruin. However, the lack of sparkle on the buildings is more than made up for by the Cuban attitude to life - live it and live it with a Mojito and a salsa!
Eleanor Croft
I think that havana is "an island goddess". With so many islands I could only see a few of them. Its a charming place especially "the jesus maria street". I loved it so much that i didnt want to leave..So i wud hughly recommend all to visit havana
Abhineet singh
What a grand place full of music, smiles and laughter (and that was in 2001)....imagine it's happier now with some restrictions lifted. Now if only the U.S. would lift restrictions on traveling...I'd go back in a heartbeat.
Judy Guffey
A unique and charming little village with plenty of potential for the interested tourist.
Revd Mark Madeley
We stayed at a hotel there in October which intially seemed very nice but had many many faults: aircon was NEVER on, most of the staff were brilliant but some were obnoxious to say the least and i have bever seen so many people with bad mosquito bites. Entertainment was "in your face" and too loud.
Ian Thompson

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