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Brazil Travel Highlights


Highlights of Brazil

. Brasil is the largest country in South America and arguably offers the biggest experience. Below are just some of the Brazilian highlights submitted by you, our readers...

Iguacu Falls
Oh my god! I never thought there would be such a beautiful place in brazil! Yes, brazil itself is beautiful but Iguacu Falls is simply breathtaking! How i would die to be at the lookout point now!
Aminuddin Baharudin
What a fantastic place. It make Niagra Falls look like a leaking tap. For the best views go to the Argentine side where you can get right in to the 'Devils Throat' and really feel the force of the falls. If you get a chance do a chopper ride over and a boat ride under - well worth the cost.
Graham Sadler
Breath-taking. Iguacu affords great views and walkways and its shape allows for spectacular vistas. At one point a person can stand and be surrounded by 260 degrees of waterfalls :)
Totir Alexandru
I'm from Brazil, I never had a chance to go there, good job, thank you
This Place is amazing ive been several times and i love it. Gorgeous x
Sophie Bailey
Terrific shots of falls. A big part of the whole Iguacu experience is the foot-of-the-falls boat trip that takes into the spray and almost under the cascade itself. Soaking but fantastically exhilerating. Tour excellent but shots from the boat would be terrific.
Terry Emery


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