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Belgium Travel Highlights


Highlights of Belgium

. Belgium boasts not only great chocolote and beer, but also a host of interesting cities. Below are just some of the Belgian highlights submitted by you, our readers...

Een vraag, Bestaat er een mogelijkheid een schip in werking of minimaal (ook vanbinnen) te bezichtigen? Gaarne jullie hulp.
Van der Laan
Antwerp is a city full of treasures. The survival of this medieval gem is astonishing, considering how much else was destroyed in two world wars. The cathderal, churches and guildhalls are fabulous. We also enjoyed looking at the magnificent 19thC streets, and the restored railway station. The food, beer, waffles, coffee, hot chocolate and hospitality cannot be faulted. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will be back!
Bruges has a beautiful, historic center where you fully appreciate its World Heritage Status. I’ve been in Markt Old Town Square several times and it never fails to attract me with its extremely old, colourful buildings, interesting roof lines and always it’s a buzz. I went first on a walking tour and we’d strolled into other, smaller but lovely squares and when we turned the corner and I was standing in the town’s main old square I was truly overwhelmed. There is so much to see and at every turn something attracts your eye, like the huge Belfort Tower dominating the area, no matter where you stand, the roof lines are pointed, there’s all sorts of colours in the buildings and people everywhere. The second time I was with a friend and we were there to spend all day in Bruges so we started in the market square where it was a market day. What a difference this makes to the tourist attraction: it was crammed full of great stalls offering all sorts of food, souvenirs, art and craft, jewellery and a host of other things. We took the hour-long mini tour van which takes you around Bruges with an excellent commentary. This means you get your bearings on this fascinating, Medieval city and then you can walk to the things which interested you as you went around. Join this outside the city civic building in the Old Market Square. You’ll notice there is not much vehicular traffic but that adds to the enjoyment of imagining life in those centuries when motor vehicles weren’t here. Hearing the clip-clop of the horses as they pull their carts just seems right in this part of the world. Most horse-n-cart rides seem to start and finish in the Markt Old Town Square. A Belgium tourist treat for sure. We spent ages just absorbing the market day - then enjoyed a light lunch in one of the squares many eating houses. After eating chocolate and strawberry waffles we walked around seeking out chocolate and Belgium lace shops before taking the ‘’must do’‘ canal trip which definitely puts you in the mind of days gone by - from the water it looks like time has stood still.
Lois Ronberg
Bruges - a cultured, gentle city with some of the best food in the world (France look out!) and one of the friendliest welcomes. A chocoholic's paradise (with countless chocolate shops selling fabulous Belgian chocolate in every shape imaginable - yes really!), oodles of distinctive beers and hand-made lace, it is a nicer, continental version of York. Horse-drawn carriage trips and boats on the sparkling canals are just two of the activities which make this a unique city.
Colette Booth
Belgium is a lovely place to visit… the street markets are fantastic to look at and so are the street shows. I have been with my family and would definitely go back again… the food isnt expensive and the people are lovely too.
Jessica B
A lovely small town, particularly in the winter snow. A Christmas visit to here is magical. It was like a Christmas wonderland as it was snowing and we were fascinated by the colourful lit-up shopping cobbled streets and markets Christmas markets. The friendly and cosy pubs and eating places just added to the enjoyable experience of this Belgium town.
L Mulligan
A perfectly relaxing place for a short break. If you are looking for action this is not the place for you. But if you are looking for good food, splendid buildings and lots of history then Bruges is for you.
Penisoara Alexandru Mihail
Beautiful little town especially when coated with snow, around Christmas is the perfect time to go. It was like a little winter wonderland with swan's swimming through an icy river, snow falling down, lit up buildings, Christmas markets around an ice rink in the old town square. It's great fun to get lost in the cobbled streets and there's plenty of cosey little pubs to hide from the cold and sample a large variety of wonderful Belguim beer along with their fantastic flemish stew. There's even some great hidden bars that start up late if your in for a big nite... just wander and your sure to find some wonderful little spot.
This charming Belgian city is a delightful mix of the old and the new with something to interest everyone - whether an avid shopper or a keen sightseer. A boat trip on the canal is an absolute must. The shops and public places are immaculate - and even the horses wear "nappies" to keep the streets clean!
Jesse Partington
Bruges is a beautiful town, very well kept and do the town tour as you will be taken back into time when you walk into the churches, yes they have plenty of that. We went to Bruges by train from Brussels. The train fare was very reasonable and only about 2hrs ride - very pleasant. Prior to leaving England I did research on where to stay in Bruges that would be different and found this boat hotel that is run by a mother & son (high acclaimed chef in Bruges). I booked the Captain's cabin which was not very big but enough for 2 people and absolutely elegant for the price of 80euros per night. We decided to try out the skills of the chef on board this boat hotel and it was out of this world - priced at around 85euros for the 2 of us. Sit and enjoy the square in the centre of Bruges and watch the people go by... it really is pleasant especially if the weather is sunny. Remember Bruges is reknowned for it's tapestry - so have a look around at the many types of tapestry and lace making processes and shops on offer. Hire a horse-carriage trip for 40euros (yes that is pricey but that is a tourist attraction that seems to be popular) and you will be taken around an area of Bruges that you would not necessarily venture to. The owners of these carriages also act as tourist guides and stop & give you explanation & stories of each place they take you to. They will take you to an ancient nunnery that is still in operation where you can venture into the gardens that is so tranquil and watch the nuns go about their daily chores, etc. After which you get back onto your carriage and continue the rest of the tour - by the way it is private just for your sole use. How unique I think.
Nadia Nell
Belgian people take beer very seriously. we were in a bar in bruges - a large group of us all ordered a variety of very different drinks , mostly spirit based. the owner wrote down all the orders then said ' i only serve beer here, but i undertake to get each of you a beer which tastes like the drink you have chosen' - and he did, my bacardi and coke beer was lovely and each of the bottles had its own special matching glass.
Dave Peters
Bruges is fantastic for a weekend break, plenty of al fresco bars and restaurants, steeped in history and easy to navigate around the town. You must take a river boat cruise, tour guides very informative. Lots of good reasonably priced hotels
Trisha Ainscough
The canals are beautiful and connect Brugge (bruges) to the sea port of Zeebrugge. Bruges old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site aqnd is worth just wandering around in to get the best feel for it. Don't forget to try the mussels and fries too!
John Hall
I would go back just for the mussels and chips!
Mark Monroe
I've been to the lace store shown on your virtual tour of the Grand-Place. It's wonderfull and people are so helpfull. They even gave me their website to learn more about the history of Belgian lace: www.enjoylace.com It's a visit worth !
Evelyne Richardson
Chocolate Museum? This sounds amazing.
Lisa Baker
I lived in belgium for half of my life, so i know how beautiful it is! Rue du Marche au Charbon is great, but to get the real taste of Belgium, you need to go to the Manikin Pis (Pronounced Maniken Peace)
Lara Lightfoot
He’s only little but his reputation is huge. People come from all over the world and seek out this Brussels landmark - Manneken Pis. How to put it politely? It is a small, bronze statue of a little boy, urinating into a basin in front of the fountain. Why on earth should such an insignificant little person, showing off to the world as he shares a bodily function with global visitors, be of interest and how long has he been doing this? Ask locals and you will get a variety of stories behind this unusual tourist attraction but it does seem that the current statue is not the first on this site but he has stood here since 1619 when his creator Jerome Duquesnoy introduced him to Brussels and the world. Fable involves several possible stories and all are set around a little boy urinating so I guess you will have to visit, talk to locals and make up your own mind why he is so revered. To be perfectly honest, I was disappointed in the ‘’boy’‘ part of the fountain. I liked the ornate environment including his archway he stands in and the old wrought iron fence around the fountain, but I was expecting at least a ‘’child sized’‘ statue. Sometimes he is dressed up to suit certain events but on the two occasions I’ve taken friends to see him he has been nude and happily watering away into the fountain. A shopkeeper told me there is 15 gallons per hour of water falling into the basin below Manneken Pis so that is quite a reputation he has to live up to! Be assured you will have a massive variety of souvenirs to chose from as he ‘does his thing’ on many Brussels tokens - I have him in a Brussels lace piece, in a frame on my wall. Manneken Pis is on the corner of Rue de Letare/Stoofstraat and Rue de Chene/Eikstraat, down a neat little cobbled street off Grand Place. When you get there he is on the corner of a building but spend some time looking at the old, lovely buildings which are attractive enough as a tourist attraction. I like to see the expressions on faces and reactions when people turn the corner and see him for the first time - giggles are plentiful and cameras quick to click.
Lois Ronberg
Bruxelles (Brussels) is the capital city of Belgium and also one of the main political centres for the European Union. You really notice this when you are walking around the town because there seem to be some many different nationalities, both tourists and people working there. Whenever I have been, there is always something fun going on in the main square like volleyball in summer and ice skating in winter.
Alexia K
Such a lovely old fashioned city ! It really has everything for everyone !
Darren Stevens
The 91-meter-high belfry of Ghent is one of three medieval towers that overlook the old city center of Ghent, Belgium, the other two belonging to Saint Bavo Cathedral and Saint Nicholas' Church. Through the centuries, it has served not only as a bell tower to announce the time and various warnings, but also as a fortified watchtower and town treasury. Construction of the tower began in 1313 to the design of master mason Jan van Haelst, whose plans are still preserved in a museum. After continuing intermittently through wars, plagues and political turmoil, the work reached completion in 1380. It was near the end of this period that the gilded dragon assumed its place atop the tower. The uppermost parts of the building have been rebuilt several times, in part to accommodate the growing number of bells.
usama samad
I think Ghent is Belgium's hidden gem. My wife and I had visited Bruges and Brussels several times and then someone suggested trying Ghent. What a revelation... it's just as pretty as Bruges but is less touristy and less crowded. As ever, the people and food are also some of the best in Europe.
Jimmy K

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