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Belgium Eating & Drinking


Eating & Drinking in Belgium

Creative, tasty and ever so memorable - the Belgium waffle. Throughout this European country you will find the very best in food and beverages, but surely top of the list is the delightfully delicious Belgium waffle. Sitting in the central market in Bruges, on the verandah of an old restaurant, eating a chocolate ice-cream and fresh strawberry waffle, dripping with runny, rich chocolate sauce and dollops of real whipped cream - a gastronome’s dream.

For main course, why not order a huge platter of hot mussels and savour the aromas of garlic and wine. And for a true Belgian accompaniment, a side order of fries to soak up that delicious sauce.

Upmost in many people’s food affection for Belgium is the devine chocolate. Try visiting one of the little boutique shops which sell handmade Belgium chocolates… stunningly presented in glass cases, these delightful treats are so individual and always deliciously tempting. To know more about chocolate, visit the Chocolate Museum in Brussels and follow the history & science behind this popular food through the centuries.

Last but not least must come the Belgian beer. So many varieties, from blonde to amber to brown to red and from pils to lager to stout to lambic… there are several thousand different beers in Belgium produced in over 100 breweries. What better excuse to sample the many fine cafes, bars & restaurants that Belgium has to offer.

See below for some Belgian language words and phrases to help you find your perfect holiday meal in Belgium...

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