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Austria Travel Highlights


Highlights of Austria

From Mozart's Salzburg to the ski stations of the Austrian Alps. Below are just some of the Austrian highlights submitted by you, our readers...

Loved going up the funicular in Seefeld. Great views.
jim westwood
This endless land of snow and blue skies is totally breathtaking.
Yeam Wee Leong
More than 30 years have passed since my maiden effort at skiing, which happened in Lech. The trip was promoted by an American ex-ski instructor, who used posters to promote the trip. Like most people, I tend to discount such promotional material as being "adjusted" to improve the images. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the posters understated the charm of Lech. Lech is one of those places that the Disney people strive to emulate. It was magic! I had never even seen someone ski in real life (I was raised in the souther U.S.), and following the advice of the organizer, I enrolled in lessons--beginner lessons, of course. All the class members had about the same skill level, which is to say, non-existent. But it was kind of irrelevant, because we all had a great time sharing out ineptitude. And, to my surprise, by the end of the week, I actually skied down a mountain, trying to ignore the toddlers whose skill only made my ineptitude more obvious. We would ski the morning session, halting only for a long, liquid lunch (my first encounter with gluvein). Felt a little like a dodo because I was in the small minority of people who spoke only one language. Still the company was great and the meals were both fun and memorable. I stayed in the Pension Anemone and was introduced to blood oranges for breakfast, and slept on and under those wonderful down-filled things. We could ski from the front door down to where the lessons took place. I feel a little ambivalent about returning. I don't see how any place could live up to my memories of Lech. But then again, it would be great to find out if magic can occur twice.
John O'Donnell
In Salzburg almost everything has something to do with Mozart, since this is the place where he was born. He didn't spend much time in Salzburg. At the age of 6 he left for several European tours. At 17, in 1773, he returned for a 4 years stay, but left after that, without returning for a longer period until he died.
Totir Alexandru
This is also an incredible area for walking in the summer. I have been there in both summer and winter and I still find it hard to believe it's the same place. The snow just completely changes the landscape - or maybe it's just me!
Jimbo G
St Anton
Fantastic resort and wonderful skiing. Partner and I just got back from a 4 day break to St Anton and really enjoyed ourselves.
Holly Green
What a treat to stand in the middle of this magnificent, huge, ornate dome. From here you take a few steps to be in some of Viennaís most wonderful tourist attractions, all centered around Vienna Hofburg. This massive, historic complex was once a royal residence and you would be best to pick up the brochures to be sure you donít miss the grandeur all around you. From this regal dome you can enter the Spanish Riding School, the Sisi Museum and nearby the absolutely amazing Imperial Chancellery Wing which houses the Silver and Table Room - the Imperial Silver Collection. We were treated to 7000 pieces on show of the 150,000 pieces in the collection. Believe me when I tell you this is the collection which most remains in my memory of anything Iíve seen in Europe. In the 1300 m2 we roamed through many rooms with absolute treasures, set behind glass, of everything a royal family would have used for diverse, grand banqueting occasions. The Sisi Museum centers around the daily living of the Empress Elisabeth. Here you find the personal items of Sisi and a story of a life which was assumed to be charmed and privileged but her story shows all was not well, for her personally, in her reign. You will need a couple of hours in the Silver and Table Room exhibition which follows in to the Sisi Museum. We went to an evening show of the Spanish Riding School and our ticket determined we enter through another door, not from the dome. We climbed steps to the top story of this magnificent, old Vienna building. This is the oldest classical dressage riding school in the world; for 430 years horses have been showing the elegance and harmony of rider and horse. The dome is elegant, historic and architecturally attractive and all the tourist attractions you access from here are most truly worthy of your time when in Vienna.
Lois Ronberg
I'm so proud that the Danube is on my country's territory for a third of it's total length and that it's delta, the 2nd biggest in Europe - the best preserved and the most beautiful - is also in my country.
Totir Alexandru
Burggaten is definitely worth a visit. We went to the butterfly house which was lovely and it has a nice terrace cafe outside.
K Bonas
Zell am See
Ahhh. I miss the snow. I got to go to Austria for only a year but i fell in love with it.

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