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Australia Travel Highlights


Highlights of Australia

Sun, sea & surf... plenty of these and so much more when you visit Australia. Below are just some of the highlights submitted by you, our readers...

Adelaide, SA
The capital city of the vast state of South Australia. Wide streets, blue skies and a wonderful river winding it's way through the city. Spacious, friendly and the gate-way to The Center of Australia!
carole spedding
Adelaide is a fun place. Decent museums etc and also plenty of nightlife. We visited from Perth and especially enjoyed the golf courses. Royal Adelaide golf course is gorgeous but expect to pay 200 aussie dollars for the privilege!
Bill Tucks
Atherton Tablelands, QLD
Visited here in 08 - Stunning day all round. Had superb weather, great tour host Brett, and recommend it to everyone. Fabulous!
Ayers Rock, NT
Ayers Rock is one of Australia's most known places. Even if you have to make a trip through the desert to see it, it's definitely worth it. And if you're lucky, you can also see kangaroos :)
Totir Alexandru
Cairns, QLD
Before I went, friends had described Cairns as a relaxed sort of place and I suppose it is compared to somewhere like Sydney, but at the same time we found it to be really buzzing with so many young people there with stories of where they had been or where they were heading for their next adventure. We had a really fun time during our 3 dyas there.
Manpreet K
Visited in 1996 - returning in Jan- can't wait - tropical paradise - hoping Charlie's Sea Food Restaurant still there!
Sandra S
Great Ocean Road, VIC
Amazing view and an incredible landscape. If you ever want to see a unique coastline, Australia is the place to go.
Totir Alexandru
Kingston SE, SA
Since a change of ownership the Giant Lobster is now a good stop again along for the trip along South Australia's coast. Don't forget to check out the nice beach, the old Cape Jaffa lighthouse and Kingston township.
Klaus Mayer
Melbourne, VIC
I stayed in Melbourne last summer. I fell in love with the place, amazing markets, shops and people. What blew me away most was the atmosphere, this amazing bohemian vibe. I traveled all around OZ, and there was not one other city you could compare it to. If you go stay in St.Kilda...pastry shops are to die for! I would move there if i could, lifestyle is amazing.
Roxanne Hughes Monteiro
I've always wanted to visit Melbourne, I'm an Australian citizen myself, but haven't had the chance to visit just yet! I've seen so many beautiful photos of the city and heard so many wonderful stories about the coffee shops and boutiques. I can't wait to visit!!
Sarah B
Going to Melbourne? Don't bother with the Zoo. This is the best city in the world and there are 100's of better things than go to the zoo. Top of my list would be a crepe and beer on the Southbank followed by a walk around the boatanical gardens.
Michael Hudson
We visit family in Melbourne every other year. This year we went to The Good Food & Wine Show at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Would recommend it to everyone... fantastic food & wine and even some celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver, Ainsley Harriott, Rick Stein & Bill Granger.
Henry Lilly
Perth, WA
I live in Perth and have been to many, many states and countries in my time and this is the best. London court is the recreation of London in the 1800's-1900's and probably even earlier. It has an amazing clock at one of the entrances that at 12 o'clock "Ding Dongs" and a knight on a horse goes past. It is very cool and amusing. It has fabulous shops and fun for the whole family.
Surfers Paradise, QLD
Surfers Paradise is just that, a sun-lovers eden. We visit as a family so it has special memories for me. The best one has to be an early morning spotting - just out from this point in the virutal tour - I saw a pod of about 4 whales swimming along. A lasting memory as I’d never have thought they’d be so close to a busy, public beach. When you stand, sit, laze, swim on the beach at Surfers Paradise you can look for miles to see a never-ending beach. The water’s blue, warm, safe for swimming and all the shops, restaurants, tourist attractions are a just few steps away. We stay in a multi-storey complex from which we stand on the balcony and look down on the buildings between us and the sea, all the beach activities and the meandering river which wends its way through the suburbs and out to sea. Heaven for warm, relaxed and memorable holidays. Some say it is too commercialized, too many people etc etc but when you’re on such a huge, sandy beach there is room for all and I’ve never got the feeling that those alongside me are part of my conversation - there’s tons of room for all. Surfers Paradise has fine sand so you don’t have gritty feet, it doesn’t blow in your eyes and generally it is a comfortable, safe beach to be for just about all the seasons of the year. Most of the hotels, apartments etc are situated all along the front of the beach or very nearby so the view you get from this virtual tour is what you will see from your accommodation with a sea-view accommodation choice. When you get out onto this Surfers Paradise beach don’t be surprised if you hear the Aussie welcome - ‘’Gidday Mate’‘.... you’ll know all is well in paradise - Surfers Paradise, Australia
Lois Ronberg
Sydney, NSW
Be sure to get the boat from Sydney harbour to Manley. Fantastic beaches and aquarium to explore there. Be aware that the fast boat to Manley is catamaran (or is it trimaran?) and can make you feel quite ill if you are prone to seasickness.
Manpreet K
Sydney is a wonderful place for anyone to have a great time, no matter what interests! Darling Harbour is a wonderful place to take a cruise for the day, and is walking distance from central. Along the sides of the docks there are great places for the locals and tourists, including ice-cream shops, the Contemporary Art Museum and clothing stores. There's more but they are the popular ones. Also, Darling Harbour is a great place to just sit, relax and have a nice lunch! Definitely a great day out for the family, friends, by yourself, photography or for a nice walk!
If youre in Sydney you must see the Harbour Bridge, it is so spectular. it is one of the best designed and unique bridge in the world. The view from the top is just mind blowing as for the opera House its just as amazing. Its unique shape just makes you want to have a look inside.
sydney opera house is amazing-- especially the inside- i'd never seen anything like it-- very impressive- and great to see a show in too! The ocean surrounding it is so cool too, views of the bridges, lots of boats- i couldn't wait to go for a boat trip myself... Sydney is a fab city, i loved it!
nikki hilton
I live in Sydney and ran the marathon in September last year. It takes in all the major city sites so and is fun to watch if you're a tourist. There's also various other runs sponsored by Blackmores.
B Hanny
The fist thing you must do is go down the Opera House - such an amazing site on arrival! And then head back through the Botanical Gardens to see the Fruit Bats hanging around - amazing!'
Yvette Woods
Walpole, WA
My husband and i did the jungle here in january. It was awsomely brilliant we are so glad we did it. I am scared of heights and so am especially thrilled that i managed.
jeanie robert
Watarrka National Park, NT
Trip of a lifetime
j haas


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