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Q: We would like to travel from Glasgow down the coastline to Bladnoch distillery. What is the best route to take in much of the coastline?
A: From Glasgow head east on the A737 and A760 to the coast at Largs. Then follow the A78 down the coast to Ayr and then the A719 to Turnberry. Then the A77 as far as Stranraer at which point you will need to start heading inland towards Bladnoch.

Virtual Tour of York Minster Cathedral, York, United Kingdom
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Lois Ronberg says:
"I love stained glass windows and return to York Minster to enjoy its kaleidoscope of light rays from thousands and thousands of little glass picture pieces. On both my visits I’ve had fantastic volunteer guides who also appreciate my adoration for the craftsmanship that goes in to these artistic gems. Enduring in my memory is that fact that when the Second World War came along they took out every pane of stained glass in York Minster and stored it until after the war. Then it took sixteen years to put it all back in. Isn’t that just amazing? My favourite display is the huge ‘’Five Sisters’‘ windows in a pale grey/green hue, followed by ‘’God the Father’‘behind the altar and of course I marvel at the ‘’Heart of Yorkshire’‘ as well as the South Transept’s ‘’Rose Window’‘ to commemorate the end of the War of the Roses. You cannot help but stand in awe as you look at what is probably the oldest glass in England near the naive of the West Door, it dates to 1150 and adds to the wonder of York Minster’s stained glass window. One of my guides muted that 60% of Britain’s surviving medieval glass is in York Minster. What a huge responsibility that is for restorers and conservators who daily work on the glass and all other aspects of York Minster. Look out for ugly gargoyles all over the inside and outside of this regal, historic and memorable minster. Absorb the craftwork in the massive set of carvings across the front of the quire area: wooden creations of several of the Kings of England up to Henry VI. They look down into the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe and all the two million visitors who come from all over the world to see this most beautiful minster, dominant in the cityscape of York, in Yorkshire, England."

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