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Windsor Travel Guide

Q: If you are in your 40s and want to take off and travel, what advice would be essential.
A: Sounds exciting! Lots to think about but as a start: a) Hunt around for a decent long term travel insurance policy; b) Do a budget... you will inevitably spend more than you think and this needs to fit with whatver income you are going to have; c) Make some sort of plan about what things you want to see and do. Bon Voyage!

Virtual Tour of Royal Windsor, Windsor, England
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Lois Ronberg says:
"Think of Windsor in England and the beautiful, old Windsor Castle comes first to mind but there are several reasons why you should include this in your next United Kingdom holiday. After visiting the castle, which is nearly 1000 years old and a favourite residence of Queen Elizabeth II, you should include a stroll in Windsor Great Park as some of its 4800 acres are open to the public and be sure to take the family out to Legoland. I enthusiastically recommend Windsor Castle for its historical role, the beautiful St Georges Chapel where 10 monarchs are buried, also because it is a ‘’lived in’‘ castle which adds to the appeal. My favourite memory is the surprisingly huge Queen Mary’s Dolls House which I stood in a queue of around 50 people (they only let a few in at a time as space is limited inside) and it was so worth the wait. Even though it is so old it actually has a lighting system so as you look into the tiny rooms there is a little light shining. A miniature worth seeing. I was amazed at the olde-look to the new furniture which had to be re-created after the fire some years ago. You really could not tell that pieces are not the ancient originals. I’m always amused at the tale of the woman from America who stood in the queue and complained about the massive jets going over the palace. She said ‘’ why do you think they built this beautiful castle on the flight path into Heathrow?’‘ Love it! The township of Windsor is a good stroll around old shops, little side streets and of course nearby is Eton College where the country’s elite are schooled. Look out for the horse-drawn carriage rides as they will take you back in time when in this old, historic English town. Windsor is the Queen’s favourite and I think keen locals and visitors to Britain from all over the world agree with her. "

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