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Verona Travel Guide

Q: Which are the best places to travel in Europe?
A: Big continent, big question... but given Mount Vesuvius has been active recently, we are going to put Sicily as our number one European destination this month.

Virtual Tour of Via Capello - House of Juliette - museum, statue & balcony, Verona, Italy
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Cindy Wilson says:
"This Tour of Italy shows the history and is quite fascination. This tour I find is not as sharp as previous tours. But it does capture the essence of this historical value."
Lois Ronberg says:
"‘’What light from yonder window breaks?’‘ (Shakespeare no less!) You can find out for yourself when you visit the 14th century Casa di Guiletta or House of Juliet in Verona. What is believed to be the balcony that Romeo and Juliet’s romance blossomed upon is open to the public and lovers from all over the world visit - never mind if it is authentic or not, it allows you to focus on love and all the pleasure that brings. My girlfriend spent all the time on our superb stroll around the narrow streets and open piazzas of Verona telling me the balcony couldn’t possibly be the real one. When we got to the crowded, courtyard there were young girls on the balcony above us, reliving the romance. So, does it really matter if Juliet demurely leaned over the balcony, flirting with a handsome, eager Romeo at the bottom? I think not. Her statue is real, and rather beautiful too. The Cappello family knew what they were doing when they got involved in the Shakespeare ‘’tome’‘ because whether the history stands or not, it’s a lucrative earner, rather expensive weddings are held there now. For others, it’s a bit of romance in a skeptical world! Go and imagine the Romeo and Juliet story and let a bit of romance rub off on you, can’t be a bad thing! For me, it was another interesting attraction to enjoy on my Sunday afternoon stroll around this historic and beautiful town."
Totir Alexandru says:
"One of the biggest tourist attractions from Verona is this. Don't miss the chance to pay a visit to Juliette :)"

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