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Q: Are there still TI centers in small german and austrian towns where local accomodation bookings can be arranged for stays of one night while biking along the Danube river?
A: Yes, tourist information centres in both Austria & Germany offer this service. Some charge a small fee but they are usually the best choice for finding you a last minute bed for the night.

Virtual Tour of Hofburg - square in the Imperial Residence, Vienna, Austria
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Lois Ronberg says:
"It is funny how you look at a picture, in this case a Vienna Hofburg square, and you know instantly it features as a ‘’travel moment’‘. For me this brings back memories of an amazing chocolate cone, filled with cream and topped off with a huge portion of mixed berry fruits. It is this last ingredient which triggers the ‘’moment’‘. We were sitting, eating this delectable delight, when a stray wasp decided berries would be delicious - he wanted to share it with us. We tried to get rid of it but its persistence forced a move from one end of the outdoor café to the other - to no avail. We had decided to sit in this courtyard, just one of many at this remarkable tourist attraction, to sort out what aspects we would visit in this magnificent Hofburg Palace which served as the official residence for the country’s royal family for many years. In 1918 the Imperial Palace was the center of the huge, mighty empire of the Habsburg Dynasty nowadays it is the tourist centre for many interesting attractions. Some of the roles include the Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum, the Imperial Silver Collection, the Ancient Music Institute, Spanish Riding School, Museum of Fine Arts, Collection of arms and Armour, the National Library in the Grand Hall, the Imperial Chapel, the Treasury, a Papyrus Museum and the Butterfly and Palm House. There are many more aspects which make up the historic, memorable Vienna Hofburg, spend some time in the parks, restaurants, cafes and squares. Horse and carts will provide a bit of olde-world Vienna atmosphere, while providing you with a way to get around this vast ex royal residence. If you like statues, this is the place to appreciate old and new. This is a photographers dream, inside and out it is so interesting. We went mid-morning, in springtime and it was really busy then so I would recommend you set aside plenty of time if you are visiting in the peak travel times. "

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