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Venice Travel Guide

Q: Which are the best places to travel in Europe?
A: Big continent, big question... but given Mount Vesuvius has been active recently, we are going to put Sicily as our number one European destination this month.

Virtual Tour of Ponte dell Accademia & Accademia gallery exhibitions of Venetian painting, Dorsoduro, Venice, Italy
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Tatyana Ivanova says:
"A great adventure… so beautifull and amazing, Venice is the place of love, love songs, l& romance "
Stela says:
"It looks really calm and romantic. "
Yordanka says:
"I am absolutely in love with Venice ! Everyone has to visit this romantic place and feel the magic ! ? "
hannah white says:
"how romantic what a lovely place to be"
Alice says:
"Being in Venice is like stepping into a postcard, or walking into a film set. It is so beautiful and unique it almost doesn't seem real and retains its glory in all weathers. Too many fabulous places to visit to even attempt to list them, just walk around the city and let it all soak in. "
yvonne says:
"Perfect for our honeymoon, romantic and scenic make sure you have extra memory cards for your camera! Simply stunning."
LyndseyR says:
"I went to Venice last week and loved it, it is so pretty with all the canals and Gondola'a. The Venetian masks are a masterpiece and its amazing to see the crafts being made right in front of you. I can't wait to go back again sometime soon. "
Freddie D says:
"Wow, I really enjoyed going to venice. It was a fun city and St. Marks square was pretty cool to experience too."
Jane Tarbutt says:
"It's great just to watch all the activity on the Lagoon, especially in the early morning and at dusk when the cruise liners come and go. Really surreal seeing the ships and gondalas together. Very Monty Python."
Nicola Knight says:
"Venice is amazing and the Peggy Guggenheim museum should definitely be on your list to visit. It is only a short stroll from the Academia Bridge shown above."
Sheena Powell says:
"Don't miss Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man at the Accademia, the Guggenheim too has a superb collection, well worth a visit."
lisa says:
"Venice is more than a city of canals and a filming location for James Bond. Watching out the hotel window as they bring all kinds of goods to the various hotels (including caskets) we grew to appreciate the constant waterway traffic as just life as usual."
Barry Willis-Finn says:
"The most unique city in the world. With the exception of the large crane in the background and people in different clothes, these pictures could be from any period in Venice's history. Timelessly beautiful place."

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