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Toronto Travel Guide

Q: What activities might you get up to at Banff national park?
A: Hot springs, mountain scenery, grizzly bears... all in the heart of the magnificent Canadian Rockies. There is much to marvel at in Banff National Park and an excellent starting point is the Banff National Park Map & Guide in various languages from the Canadian Rockies Tourist Board.

Virtual Tour of CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
 Traveler Reviews and Information
J Hall says:
"The evening sunsets are breathtaking! "
bett pickering says:
"Eating in the restaurant of the CNN Tower is an absolute must do if you visit Toronto, as you eat your meal you have an all round ariel view of Toronto. The view is absolutely amazing and standing on the glass floor looking down at the ground below is breathtaking."
sarah says:
"Toronto's amazing and if you go then make sure you take the quick walk to America."
Kieran James says:
"Toronto is amazing, there is so much to do, so many easy, cheap days out i went to the CN tower and it was amazing i got some great photos from the top and the amount of stuff you can see there is the Air Canada centre and the huge Rogers centre many buildings including a shiny gold building which reflects the summers sun. a walk round Toronto is alo amazing with unlimited shops to visit and including the massive Hazelton lanes shopping centre which is a cab ride away. If you go in the winter there is a big ice rink just a 5 minuite walk away where you can rent out skates. also i went to Niagra Falls which is easily two days out if you want to see everything you can travel down near the bottom and look out at the water rushing past the viewing areas but be sure to take a coat as you may get a bit wet. also there is the town of Niagra with many museums and resturants you wont want to leave. while there you can eaisly drive into the state of New York and see the lovely city of Buffalo in about an hours drive but remember to take your passport to get through"
Beverley Johnson says:
"Absolutely gorgeous, clean and safe city. THe CN Tower is a must along with shopping at the Eaton Center and a day out to Niagara. A perfect city break in summer or winter"
Natalie Se says:
"This, was a bright place. It was the greatest city we saw in Canada. The bright sun in the summer was like the clown's big big red and orange and yellow nose!!! It is so beautiful that you won't want to leave."
Kellie Warwick says:
"The CN tower one of the tallest buildings in the world. On a sunny day you will have the most amazing views of Toronto including the home of the Blue Jays baseball team and the Air Canada Centre, home to the Raptors Basketball team and the Toronto Maple Leaf Ice Hockey team. As someone with a fear of heights, this is still a must see, though the glass floor is not for the faint hearted. The elevator ride is smooth and quick and before you know it you are in the world of the giants, looking town on this amazing city. But why stop on the first level, if you are going to have this uniquie opportunity of standing tall on one of the worlds tallest buildings you might as well pay the extra and go all the way to the top. The views from the Pod will give you great views of the suburbs and Lakes surrounding this great city of Toronto!"
M Hubert-Vallance says:
"As the world's tallest building, the CN tower is a 'Must See' for everyone visiting Canada's greatest city. You have an amazing birds eye view of the Toronto Maple Leaf Stadium, the city, as well as the 'inland sea' that is lake Ontario. The glass platform would impress the bravest and the elevator ride in itself is worth the experience."
Christopher Allan says:
"terrific views of a truly cosmopolitan city"
Abhineet Singh says:
"Really i agree with imraan, i also felt the same.ita a tallest i have been to"
Imran Ali says:
"I stood on the glass viewing platform and looked down at Toronto… made me dizzy"

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