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Serengeti Travel Guide

Q: Why do we need to travel?!
A: A good question for which we would like to borrow a quote from Lin Yutang: No one realises how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.

Virtual Tour of National Park, game drive, Serengeti, Tanzania
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Andy says:
"The hidden gem for safaris in Tanzania is Ruaha National Park, much cheaper, hardly any other tourists and a much wider range of wildlife, plus the largest elephant and giraffe populations in Africa. Defiantly stop off in Iringa Town on your way for a couple of days and visit Neema Crafts Centre and make time to have a tour. You will head home with so much more than just a safari trip. It was the unexpected highlight of our time travelling across africa. "
Akshay Nair says:
"In Swahili "safari" means journey. Whether you experience the vast wilderness of the Serengeti or the lost world of the Ngorogoro Crater, the cradle of human evolution, I can guarantee that this will be one journey you will never forget. As well as admiring animals be sure to take in the astounding scenery and landscape of Tanzania. On a more practical level you can easily arrange safaris from Arusha but stick to reputable companies (those in the back of guide books) because the last thing you want is any trouble marring a once in a life time experience. Finally, if you do go I challenge you not to have the Lion King soundtrack looping in your head!"
Totir Alexandru says:
"Nothing compares to a Safari experience and seeing the wildlife in the actual wild, not in a Zoo."
Joshua Payne says:
"Great imaging and great convenince... it's better then the ones you have to purchase and it's just what i needed to do a school report. So thanks and keep up the good work."
Joshua David Payne says:
"it's interesting and just what i needed 4 an assimenment for school"

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