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Virtual Tour of Teide National Park, (Balancing Rock, Roques de Garcia), Tenerife, Canary Islands
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Lois R says:
"I’d arrived in Tenerife in a cruise ship but a few hours later I wondered if I’d got there in a spaceship! Balancing Rock was the pinnacle of my bus tour into the 48 kilometre volcanic crater which is the Teide National Park in this Canary Islands wonderland. The rock was so huge and sits amid a ‘’moonscape’‘ of pink, grey and black rock formations all around this popular tourist destination. When you get to the carpark near Balancing Rock you have this mighty structure as a focal point and far away the 3.718metre (12,198ft) peak of Mount Teide to capture on film. The day I was there the rock was enhanced by beautiful yellow flowers under it so I took many photos. When I got home and viewed them on the computer I was surprised to see the people walking past the rock looked so small, really tiny. When you stand beside the rock you are 2000 metres above sea level. Temperatures around the rock can reach 40C in the summer, in winter snow can be so deep it is sometimes impossible to drive to the area. There is a visitors centre nearby but we did not go into it; I guess it would pay to do so to learn why the rock formations are there, what formed the Balancing Rock and what’s being done to preserve the area. We took a bus tour from Tenerife but you can drive or cycle there yourself and stop off to explore the different crater flora and fauna along the way. You can go up Mt Teide in a cable car, called the Teleferico Teide, it takes you up to 200metres from the summit in only an eight minute ride. At and near Balancing Rock you can ‘’walk on the moonscape’‘ without going into space. It’s quite stunning ecology, be sure to visit if you are in Tenerife."
360TG EDITOR says:
"Teide National Park, Balancing Rock at Roques de Garcia"

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