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Virtual Tour of Teide National Park (Minas de San Jose), Tenerife, Canary Islands
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Lois Ronberg says:
"Be prepared for a truly interesting travel experience when you head to Parque Nacional del Teide, because this World Heritage National Park, in Tenerife, is very, very different. Firstly, it is huge. You drive into a 18.900 hectare volcanic crater, a 48km circle and it is truly lunar. We went on a fine, sunny day and as we approached up the steep road, through fir tree forests, we saw the dominant El Teide mountain. Donít worry, it hasnít erupted since 1909 and it doesnít look like it is going to any time soon. Certainly the thousands of creatures which live there and the many plants have existed in this harsh, starkly barren environment safely as decades have passed by. We went in a tour bus but the roads are perfect and you could self-drive no problem. I was surprised at the differing colours and textures in the layers of rock and sand. When you stand at the information centre and look up at Mount Teide you can see massive rock changes all the way down it. Then as you look out over the observation area you can actually see different lava flows now frozen in time. In 2008 officials had documented that 2.8 million visitors had stood and looked at this same moonscape that you are enjoying as you click away on your camera. This tourist attraction is the most visited in the Canary Islands and Spain. In June 2007 this area was awarded World Heritage status and it is not hard to see why. Flora and fauna here is not always obvious in front of you but there are 168 plant species with 33 being native to Tenerife. I particularly liked some prolific yellow flowers which certainly added to the photo opportunities when taken alongside huge, craggy rock formations. Not many of us will step on the moon, but we can do second-best and visit Parque Nacional del Teide to experience something quite different in our travel experiences. "
Harline Parkin says:
"Tenerife is barron and boring "

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