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Tallinn Travel Guide

Q: What else is there to visit in Estonia apart from Tallinn?
A: Lots! There are beautiful national parks, amazing birdlife, meteorite craters, skiing resorts... and much much more. Try www.visitestonia.com for more info.

Virtual Tour of Luhike Jalg, view over St Nicholas church, Tallinn, Estonia
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Natalia Ready says:
"Tallinn is the city for Baltic amber & seriously underpriced Swiss Army knives & Airfix model kits. Which says a bit too much about we're into, but it was a good family break. The lads came back with all the Airfix & Lego they could carry, we posted several different penknives home (no problems) & I tried not to jangle through Customs - our relatives got a lot of lovely jewellery at Christmas. There are loads fo smashing little "kohvics" - which we translated into "sticky bun shops". When the tourist feet ache, a brew & a bun sort the bloodsugar & even the department store food section had a wide choice of sticky buns to go. AN ideal place for shopping for hunting/shooting/fishing types & for those who like unusual amber & silver jewellery, AIrfix or Lego... (Different trees!) Go see for yourself "
Alise Jankovska says:
"A great place where to make great photos!!! Also worth visiting if you like amber as many of the shops sell it!"
Linda says:
"I liked Old Tallin. It has some charm to it. It is more interesting if you have a travel guide with you so you know a litle bit of history - then it tuns out to be a nice walk in the past. In my mind Old Tallin is a very nice place to go if you need relaxation, peace and some quiet time for ourself to enjoy."
Yevgeny Ivanov says:
"I will be honest here. I stayed in Tallinn with my wife last year for couple of days and I will not recommend it to anybody. I was really looking forward to it as I always wanted to visit Tallinn but never had an opportunity. During our last holidays Tallinn was one of the destinations, and by the end of our stay there I couldn't get out of there soon enough. I was really looking forward to seeing Old Tallinn and what a disappointed it was. You can cover it all in 1-2 hours maximum, its that small. Such a shame to see the oldest part of town full of cars as well. The problem is after a few hours you will have nothing to do. We met with our local friend and even with him as our guide there was very very little to see. The rest of the Tallinn is just square blocks of buildings left from the soviet era. Hotel, food and services are good. But that's about it. On top of that Tallinn's airport is awful. Very small, with nothing to entertain you whatsoever. Even the staff acted strange and wouldn't let me through to my gate before I explained to them where I was born! I travelled with British passport and they found place of my birth strange! Sorry, not a very positive review..."

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