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Sydney, NSW Travel Guide

Q: What is the minimum age you have to be to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb?
A: Minimum age is 10 years old and minimum height is 1.2 metres. See the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb website for more details.

Virtual Tour of Harbour Bridge & Opera House, Sydney, NSW, Australia
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Lois R says:
"Circular Quay is a good place to view Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera House but if you really want to see them at their best you would be best to take a harbour cruise. Sydney has so much to offer, and you don’t have to go far to be impressed with the cosmopolitan beat in a city well placed to welcome visitors from all over the world. For a really close look at the ‘coat-hanger’, Harbour Bridge why not consider donning the grey suit and taking a guided tour by walking to the top? Now I have no first-hand knowledge of this trek but friends say it was just the most amazing experience. The World Heritage Opera House is known internationally. Its sails reach far above the white, stunning creation. Designed by a Danish architect, it is just right for its harbour setting. The Opera House holds the highest honour for international architecture, the Pritzker Prize and thousands of people walk around it, visit the concert halls and restaurants, attend concerts and exhibitions every day and night. I had a special surprise one evening when I returned from a memorable Hunter Valley wine tour, which ended above Circular Quay, and there before us, on a stage set up at the Opera House was the Split Enz finale concert - we stayed and had the most stunningly entertaining night. The Harbour Bridge opened in 1932 as the largest steel-arch bridge in the world. It has eight vehicle lanes, two train lines, a footpath and a cycleway for up to 161,000 people to cross each day. Sydney harbour is the heart of this thriving city, just being on Circular Quay with these two internationally appreciated attractions is a special travel memory- include them in your ‘’Aussie’‘ down-under holiday."
Manpreet K says:
"Be sure to get the boat from Sydney harbour to Manley. Fantastic beaches and aquarium to explore there. Be aware that the fast boat to Manley is catamaran (or is it trimaran?) and can make you feel quite ill if you are prone to seasickness."
Sarah Tash says:
"sydney Opera house is wonderful, worth going for the tour inside as the rooms are spectacular. At night try to find a hotel or bridge with a good view of the Sydney skyline, worth climbing somewhere high up to see it"
gem says:
"Definately want to go back to sydney again. We visited the opera house, and we also did the harbour bridge walk. The view was amazing, something we will never forget."
indra darmawan says:
"Sidney is the best destination to visit. I miss the fireworks in the sky at New year's eve"
tiha says:
"the harbour bridge was I believe the best think about this trip. the just amazing view."
Carly says:
"I have been to Sydney twice now & I love it. Its an amazing place to visit. On my 20th birthday last year I did the walk over the habour bridge & it was great!!"
Rizwan says:
"If youre in Sydney you must see the Harbour Bridge, it is so spectular. it is one of the best designed and unique bridge in the world. The view from the top is just mind blowing as for the opera House its just as amazing. Its unique shape just makes you want to have a look inside."
360TG EDITOR says:
"The Opera House, designed by Jorn Utzon, was opened in 1973 and has become the iconic image of Autralia. Take a tour inside or, better still, take in a show for an unforgettabel experience."
Georgina Davies says:
"Tthe changing vista of sydney harbour more than matches any mental picture"
miss jackie slater says:
"the opera house and harbour bridge is unmistakable, and unique in architecture. everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime"
nikki hilton says:
"sydney opera house is amazing-- especially the inside- i'd never seen anything like it-- very impressive- and great to see a show in too! The ocean surrounding it is so cool too, views of the bridges, lots of boats- i couldn't wait to go for a boat trip myself... Sydney is a fab city, i loved it!"
Natsaha says:
"I have climbed that bridge and it was the greatest view. I remember posing hundreds of time next to the bridge and opera house!!!"
Steve says:
"Can you still climb the bridge?"

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