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Stratford-upon-Avon Travel Guide

Q: How many miles are travelled by tourists on foot every year?
A: Goodness knows. But here is our go at a guess: average of 1 million people on holiday on any given day, each walking an average of 3 miles per day... equals well over 1,000,000,000 miles per year.

Virtual Tour of Shakespeare's House, Stratford-upon-Avon, England
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Lois R says:
"Mr and Mrs Shakespeare could not have known their home would be world famous in the 21st century when their little baby boy arrived in April 1564. While his dad spent all day glove making, William would have played in the garden, getting inspiration for this works which still inspire and entertain global audiences today. You too can walk in his footsteps, see how life would have been for the Shakespeare family in what is now a rather interesting English family home - 250 years means it’s a bit rickety when you walk through with views down into the beautiful, authentic old English garden and out onto the busy pedestrian way in Stratford -Upon-Avon. Shakespeare’s Birthplace house is one of five under the responsibility of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, in and around Stratford Upon Avon. Drive out to two houses: Mary Ardens, it was the home of Shakespeare’s grand-parents and his mother, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage is where his wife grew up. In Stratford Upon Avon you will find Hall’s Croft which was home to his daughter and her husband and Nash’s House and New Place was where Shakespeare died in 1616. Shakespeare’s House, the focal point of visitor attractions is set up as a ‘’living museum’‘ and one to suit people of all ages, it should interest literary fans and those who like to learn something new when on holiday. So when in this delightful part of England, take the chance to visit this historic town with its black and white timber buildings, beautiful canal marina set in a peaceful park where you will find a huge statue to the memory of William Shakespeare. The Avon River flows by and just a short walk along the banks you will come to the Shakespeare Theatre. Just the right place to end a Shakespeare pilgrimage...’‘As you Like It’‘ - I promise it won’t be ‘’Much Ado About Nothing”!"

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