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Anse Chastanet Travel Guide

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Virtual Tour of Tranquil beach, Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Thai M. says:
"Guests staying at either Jade Mountain or Anse Chastanet have the privilege of using the beach huts to the right of the beach. Complete with butler service. Towels are provided for you, layed out on your lounge chair and all. Each hut has food and drink menus as well as a yellow butler flag. When you require their services for ordering something, you place the flag out in the sand they'll come by. Each time we put it out, they were by within a minute. The drinks we ordered arrived fairly quickly. As long as it takes for them to walk from our hut to the bar and back. On our Wednesday trip out to Anse Chastanet beach, we ordered some lunch which consisted of Caesar salad, chicken Caesar salad and chicken club sandwiches. That delicious meal with some cocktails arrived fairly quickly as well with a signing of a value of $75 USD. I'd also like to mention that at Jade and Anse, as with most places in St. Lucia, 10% gratuity is already included. But unlike Stonefield and Ladera, they only require you to sign for it and don't give you the option of adding any additional tips. But considering the prices of the meals here, its better this way. Our meals here and the remaining nights are now all inclusive. Good thing, kind of... but more on that later. The water here is as equally warm as Jalousie with the main difference being the sand is volcanic black sand compared to Jalousie's imported white sands. It did feel a little warmer on your feet. The water was a little choppier as it didn't have the shelter of the 2 Pitons as did Jalousie. But with that said, snorkeling at Anse is much better! To the left of the beach by the Scuba Shop, behind the designated buoys is fantastic. Being a designated marine park, undersea life is abundant. At one point while diving down about 10-15 feet below, a large eel popped out in between some rocks to greet me! A little startling but I managed to keep my breath and observed it for the moment. It's hard to believe how busy it gets down under. Truly a whole new world, one that we wish we could experience on demand."
Ken Lamy says:
"I visited St Lucia in DEc on a cruise ship. We booked an excursion online through Scuba Steves Dive Shop. It was called a Dive and Drive. The entire experience was incredible. St Lucia is breath taking. If you go check you ships departure time as we almost missed the boat."

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