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Anse des Pitons Travel Guide

Q: How many miles are travelled by tourists on foot every year?
A: Goodness knows. But here is our go at a guess: average of 1 million people on holiday on any given day, each walking an average of 3 miles per day... equals well over 1,000,000,000 miles per year.

Virtual Tour of Beach beneath the Pitons, Anse des Pitons, St. Lucia
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brian meckna says:
"I thought only such places existed in fairytales, until i saw this place, consider it one part the good things of what mother nature should be, plus the added luxury of the things we have grown accustomed to wanting from resorts, a truly five star place to visit!"
Thai M. says:
"Driving down to Jalousie Beach - this trek is not for everyone. It is VERY HILLY and would really make you question its existence. We were able to park at their main parking lot where awaited a shuttle for us down to the beach. The surprises just keep on coming. I knew they had a nice beach, but it doesn't register just how nice until you're walking on the white imported sands. Right away I made a dash for the water after setting down our towels and bag. The almost bathtub warm waters of the Caribbean Sea is easy to adapt to. Snorkeling at the right side of the beach behind the buoys is fantastic. I used to own a salt water aquarium and tried my best to replicate the corals and undersea wildlife. Now I find myself swimming in a version of one that can't be duplicated in any aquarium. Needless to say I was a prune by the time I forced myself out of the water. After some time now we called for a shuttle for the ride back up to our vehicle. At their bar pool we did notice a topless sunbather. Some older lady that really shouldn't have been. But to each's own. Everyone is chillin'. It's all good."
Totir Alexandru says:
"Incredibly beautiful, special and intimate. This is how I would describe this gorgeous beach and the surroundings."
Clarestine says:
"This beach is part of the Jalousie Hilton resort. Luxury!"

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