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Stirling Travel Guide

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Virtual Tour of Stirling Castle, Stirling, Scotland
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Lois Ronberg says:
"Formidable, high above the surrounding plains, Stirling Castle is an outstanding Scottish castle which features strongly in the country’s history. Walk in the footsteps of Mary Queen of Scots who lived here as a youngster and was in fact crowned in the beautiful Chapel Royal - what a thought! You see it for miles around as you drive towards Stirling and when you get near the town, there are excellent signs to draw you in for a truly ‘’bonny’‘ Scottish experience. Sitting on an extinct volcano, it’s fair to say the castle has plenty of ‘’explosive’‘ history - it presents itself as a strategic military centre during the 13th and 14th centuries: the first fortification goes back to sometime in the 11th century. I walked through it in awe. It's a magnificent place to relive the history as there are so many treasures and interesting information around. Strong in my memory is the authentic ‘’look back in time’‘ experienced in the 16th century kitchens. I love imagining the challenge of cooking in such a labour intensive kitchen. One fascination for me was the lady sitting weaving a huge tapestry and she said it was going to take eight years to finish the set of 16 tapestries, to replace some damaged decades ago. I must go back one day and see how that project progressed. I stood in awe of something I’d not seen before, the hammerbeam roof high up in James IV’s massive Great Hall, it really is memorable. It’s been restored back to its medieval times and it is quite stunning. It is so commendable the work restorers do in such important historic places. Now the views from the castle are just outstanding and you’ll be snapping the camera for sure. Stirling Castle is a must see when in Scotland, like me, you’ll probably return for another ‘’step back in Scottish time’‘."
Clare Al-aufi says:
"The view here is splendid and a castle is the perfect place to have a action packed historical adventure."

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