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Seville Travel Guide

Q: In the Canary Islands, which is the most beautiful island?
A: Such a difficult choice that we will have to pick two... Fueteventura for its stunning sand dunes and beaches; Lanzarote for its incredible volcanic landscape and Cesar Manrique legacy.

Virtual Tour of Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza - oldest bullring in Spain, Seville, Spain
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eric jolliffe says:
"If you have never been to spain then seville should be your first port of call. it has everything that one associates with spain, superb weather, historical sights to see, a busy river running through it all within a few steps of each other with an ambience which reeks of spain. spanish history is laid out before you, the romans, the moors and of course the spanish take your pick. the alcazar, though nowhere near as big as the alhambra, can match it for splendour. the cathedral, one of the biggest in the world is within its walls forbidding yet breathtaking at the same time, a walk around the juderia (the old jewish quarter) is a step back in time as is a visit to the arab baths, a must if you have a few hours to spare lavishing attention on yourself after a full day of sightseeing. the baths give you an idea of just how sophisticated the moors who ruled spain for many centuries were. the peace and tranquility of the baths being maintained by a no speaking rule from the moment you enter. in the evening seville is certainly the place to go if you like or have never seen flamenco. as well as well established tablaos you will hear the sound of the guitars, oles and the tapping of feet in many a back street as afficionados watch impromptu performances. a few tapas, a couple of copas of excellent sherry or a cuba libre will further enhance the performance and there are so many places in the city where you can buy all of those things. alternatively just sit with your drink and watch the sevillanos enjoying themselves they should be happy for they live in one of the fianest cities in europe."

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