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Q: How do tours of natural hot thermal geysers, such as in Rotorura, NZ run to a timed rota so that when tourist arrive at an advertised time each day, the guide gives his speech, then miraculously the geyser blows??
A: An excellent question considering how difficult nature can be to predict. Our understanding is that geysers that erupt frequently, say 20+ times per day, can often be quite predictable and run more or less to a timetable. For example, itís reckoned that eruptions of the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone Park can be predicted within a +/- 10 minute window.

Virtual Tour of Lake Rotoiti, St. Arnaud, New Zealand
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Kahar says:
"When visiting New Zealand, if you are from Australia all you need is your passport and you can stay as long as you want. If you are from most other countries British etc then you need your passport and the visa happens when you arrive . You fill out a questionaire on the plane and are allowed for 3 months as a visitor. If for some reason they suspect you are going there to work and telling lies on the form then you will be questioned "
Lois Ronberg says:
"Itís been there forever, well I should know as Iíve been visiting here for nearly six decades! Lake Rotoiti is a wonderful place for a day out or a camping holiday and it has facilities to suit locals and visitors alike. When you stand on the stoney beach you have a vista before you which suggests peace and tranquility .... there is not a care in the world. You look out over the blue waters to Mount Robert in the distance on the right where summertime climbers or winter skiers get the best out of their recreation pursuits. Other mountains surround this area where the native bush reaches right down to touch the lakeshore. The Department of Conservation has formed walkways all through the bush so you can quite safely explore this pristine forest which has stood here since time began. Donít be tempted to via off the tracks as the New Zealand bush is very thick, dark and you can quite easily become disorientated and lost. At the Lake Rotoiti waterfront you can picnic, barbecue on provided equipment or prepare your meal and wash up in the excellent wooden kitchen hut which is near the camping ground at the rear of the lakeshore area. Call at the Department of Conservation Information centre on the way down the hill to the lake as there is an excellent presentation on how Lake Rotoiti fits into the history and geology of this beautiful part of Nelson province at the top of the South Island and in the Centre of New Zealand. In summer there are fishing spots galore on the lake and in the nearby rivers. Also they hold speedboat racing events and in the winter skifields attract skiers to an area which is memorable for its beauty as well as its Ďílittle nuisancesĒ - the sandflies and wasps. In summer, take along plenty of insect repellant because you most definitely will need it. Lake Rotoiti is a sister-lake to Lake Rotoroa and the Buller River actually starts by leaving Lake Rotoiti for its long and stunningly beautiful journey out through the West Coast, to the Tasman Sea many, many miles away."
julie reynolds says:
"Looks nice and empty - the perfect place for a quiet break. The speed boat looks great fun!"

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