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Q: Which are the best places to travel in Europe?
A: Big continent, big question... but given Mount Vesuvius has been active recently, we are going to put Sicily as our number one European destination this month.

Virtual Tour of Mussolinis Wedding Cake, Rome, Italy
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Joseph Esposito says:
"What would truly be an extraordinary sight in most cities, seems right at home in Rome. The tomb of the unknown soldier is moving, and luckily the soldiers standing guard are in the shade during the hottest part of the day. Not sure of it's connection to Mussolini, I think it was built long before he was known. "
Lois R says:
"Mussolini looked out the windows of this most impressive building, onto a perfect square, the Piazza Venezia. When you look at this neoclassical monument to Vittorio Emanuele II you'll make up your own mind as to what it looks like but for me my instant thought was it looked like a Wedding Cake. Since then I've found out I'm just one of many thousands to think it is a giant iced matrimonial cake, others see a typewriter! The white, grand building is dominant on the Rome-scape with its many high pillars, statues and definitely suggests opulence. Where the 'bride and groom' should be you will see two sets of massive chariots with riders on horses depicting victory. Most people visit this stunning building to see the statue of King Victor Emaneule II, the first king of unified Italy. From the steps you will identify several museums and other attractions such as the Altare della Patria, the Museo del Risorgimento and don't miss the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. I didn't go inside the 'wedding cake'' but its now a museum of Renaissance and medieval art."
Jon Payne says:
"Rome is beautiful. You can't ask for more with the Vatican and the roman ruins.The intercontinetal was an amazing hotel in an excellent location next to the Spanish Steps"
360TG EDITOR says:
"Thanks for that interesting review, Melanie. I've looked at your own website blog Italofile.com and would thoroughly recommend it to our readers as a great source of information on travel to Italy. Some great Rome articles at this link: www.italofile.com"
Kerenina says:
"I am going to Rome in a week, cant wait, thanks for this great sneak preview!"
Melanie Renzulli says:
"Providing sweeping views of Rome from each of its many perches, the Vittoriano Monument, also known as the "wedding cake," "the typewriter," and "the dentures," was built to commemorate Vittorio Emanuele, the first king of a unified Italy. The Vittoriano caps the end of Via del Corso, Rome's long shopping street, and looks over the Forum and the Capitoline Hill. The Vittoriano also features the tomb of the unknown soldier and the eternal flame, which are guarded 24-7 by Italian soldiers. The daylight hours are the best time to enjoy the Vittoriano's views. But, if it's the Vittoriano you wish to admire, try passing by at night, when it is gloriously floodlit."
Qilah says:
"so this is why rome is considered as the most romantic place of all :)"
John says:
"I had he most expensive coffee ever, $8, sitting at cafe opposite the VE. I guess you have to pay for the view!"
connor says:
"very beautiful and historic.i wouldnt mind going there"
Natasha says:
"My friends and I were just wandering Rome, no idea where we were going - and then we happened to see this at the end of the row of shops!! It was an amazing surprise"

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