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Q: Which are the best places to travel in Europe?
A: Big continent, big question... but given Mount Vesuvius has been active recently, we are going to put Sicily as our number one European destination this month.

Virtual Tour of Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy
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Lois Ronberg says:
"I donít know what I expected to see when I turned the corner and viewed the Trevi Fountain in Rome. I knew it was historic and was a great place to visit but nothing prepared me for the super spectacle that is the Fontana di Trevi, in panorama with the building behind, the Palazzo Poli. What a picture! This baroque fountain, completed in 1762, is popular and visited my thousands of people each day - indeed it is difficult to get a panoramic view as there are so many people standing, sitting and walking around this small but impressive square. It was much bigger than I thought it would be, 25.9 metres tall (85 ft) and 19.8 metres wide (65ft) so with the water in front, the massive statue/sculpture and then the old building with great architectural presentation behind, it truly is a memorable tourist attraction. Legend has it that you should throw coins into the fountain to ensure a return to Rome - in fact it is popular to stand with your back to the fountain and throw the coins over your shoulder to make the return more likely! Well I did get rid of some of my coins and return I surely will. Around 3000 eruos are collected from the fountain every day and given to charity. So, you get a fantastic tourist experience and help local charity funding as well. The Trevi Fountain, in the Quirinale district, is large with Neptune (God of the Sea) the central focus, he is riding on a chariot pulled by two sea horses. Nearby are two statues - Abundance and Salubrity. This fountain, historically, was at the end of a viaduct coming into Rome and nowadays the water comes around 20 km from Salone Springs to supply fountains in central Rome. There is formed seating and also some steps so you can sit a while but most people just stand around to take it all in. Crowds mean you have to jostled for a good photography position so if I was you I would go early in the morning or later in the evening if you want to photograph the entire square with water, fountain and Palazzo Poli in the shot. Trevi Fountain - yes, be sure to go there when in Rome. "
Totir Alexandru says:
"Lovely work of art and probably the most known fountain in the world. Don't just walk by. Enjoy its beauty ;)"
Helen F says:
"Watch out for pickpockets when throwing your coin!"

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