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Q: How do tours of natural hot thermal geysers, such as in Rotorura, NZ run to a timed rota so that when tourist arrive at an advertised time each day, the guide gives his speech, then miraculously the geyser blows??
A: An excellent question considering how difficult nature can be to predict. Our understanding is that geysers that erupt frequently, say 20+ times per day, can often be quite predictable and run more or less to a timetable. For example, itís reckoned that eruptions of the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone Park can be predicted within a +/- 10 minute window.

Virtual Tour of Waterfront Jetty, Queenstown, New Zealand
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Lois Ronberg says:
"Azure blue waters, rugged mountain ranges, a mountain-side alpine lift, beachfront and townscape - enjoy 360o views from a jetty which offers you the chance to spend some time taking in one of the most stunning vistas in the world. Make sure you look down under the water too because you may well see trout swimming by, or, if you are there on the right day, as I have been in the past,you may see misguided entrants attempting to 'fly like a bird' from the s they take a leap of faith from the jetty into the ''drink'' Queenstown jetty is a walkway where you can see the entire tourist resort on view all around you so spend some time just getting your bearings before you explore all this fantastic part of the South Island of New Zealand (Aoteoroa) has to offer. If you are on the jetty at the right time you will experience a camera-buff's dream, the old steamer ''Earnslaw'' leaving its berth and turning for the daily trip up Lake Wakatipu to sheep stations which welcome visitors from all over the world. If you're interested in the aquatic pursuits well Queenstown Jetty is the place to set out on a variety of water-based activities. Whatever reason you go out onto the Queenstown Jetty, stop a moment to think about all the people who have gone before you - what an interesting thought that is because thousands and thousands of visitors make this same walk every week in this ''jewel in the crown'' in New Zealand visitor attraction towns. As jetty' go, this one is one you must take a walk on and absorb all Queenstown has to offer, any season of the year."
Sam Darling says:
"Queenstown has an animated yet distinguished ambience. The place is alive with a friendly and calming atmosphere that is reflected through the people and the surrounding landscape."
Jacob Harris says:
"Queenstown is an amazing place, with a lively atmosphere all of the time. the night time is when the city starts to come alive, with tours on the boats from the jetty you can see the true beauty of the amazing mountain landscape, and an amazing lit up town. The jetty itself is easy to follow to different areas, from an underwater veiwing area to a speed boat that can do 360 spins. whatever floats your boats queenstown jetty will provide for you!"

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