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Pompeii Travel Guide

Q: Which are the best places to travel in Europe?
A: Big continent, big question... but given Mount Vesuvius has been active recently, we are going to put Sicily as our number one European destination this month.

Virtual Tour of Forum and Edificio di Eumachia, Pompeii, Italy
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Kids Dancing says:
"Great information, I followed your instructions and it worked great! Thanks! "
Lois Ronberg says:
"History is alive at Pompeii. An earthquake in 62AD was a major trauma for Pompeii and then Mount Vesuvius’s catastrophic eruption covered it for 2000 years. Now 44 of its 66 hectares have been recovered from the massive ash cover it is one of the most visited historical sites in the world. Those living in Pompeii at the time led a busy life, with an exciting example of this being the Edificio di Eumachia building. This is the second largest building in Pompeii and was erected and paid for by a high priestess from an extremely wealthy family. After the 62AD earthquake, it is thought that she had the exchange building constructed to be used for wool and cloth. It housed fabric dealers and cleaners guild members. As in the other exposed archeological buildings this one is impressive for it size, it is easily accessible for people without mobility problems. Nearby the Edificio di Eumachia is The Forum. It is huge and was built so Mount Vesuvius views were dominate from its central axis, it is also aligned to the Temple of Jupiter. It’s easy to imagine the politics and business the Forum attracted. Such history is so interesting and gives insight into daily life with many truly important buildings along with those of lesser import, but still informing how Pompeii thrived in its day. The ruins present a ‘’picture on Pompeii life’‘ as the volcano erupted and spewed many feet of hot ash over a town recovering from a major earthquake just a few decades previous. Visit early in the day because there is much to see and explore at Pompeii. You will have to weave your way through myriads of 'tourists' following along behind keen 'leaders' avidly imparting Pompeii knowledge. Take your camera and be prepared for a fantastic travel experience."

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