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Q: Are French motorway service stations open on New Years day?
A: French motorway service stations are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. More info at: autorutes.fr

Virtual Tour of Disneyland Paris,Main Avenue, Paris, France
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Lois Ronberg says:
"Once inside the gate you are a child again. Disney Resort Paris is a dream park of children’s favorites and heaps of adrenaline boosts as you take your body through Wild West runaway train rides, outer space adventures or the mightiest of roller coasters. Family entertainment, technology, magic and adventure combine to offer a great day out, near Paris. We took the train which takes you into a specially built Disneyland station which is huge and then you just follow the crowds to the most magical place on earth. Well, nearly! As amusement theme parks go, this one is mighty no matter how young or old you are. I always get a thrill to see the faces of the little people when characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and his three nephews, Goofy, the Chipmunks and Snow White come up and join the youngsters for photos, autographs and to have a ‘’silent’‘ encounter with them. The Grand Parade is a treasure with all the pomp and ceremony of a good old fashioned street show: band music, floats with Disney characters waving gaily and a surprise or two. I believe it is even more magic at night. It poured with rain when I went but it didn’t take away the excitement for me or any of our party which included three youngsters - I always think it adds to the fun when you see Disney through the children’s eyes. My favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain where you get into a ‘bucket-like log’‘ and wind in and out of the Wild West as your train runs out of control, nearly hitting rocky outcrops, entering scary caves and ending in a steep plunge, through a waterfall, down to the bottom - throughly wet through.... a bit of a screamer! Throughout the park there are plenty of themed eating houses so we had a western lunch, sitting amid the cacti in a desert environment. Next door is Walt Disney Studio park with the theme being cinema and television. I haven’t been there but it certainly would need an overnight stay at the Disney Hotel so you’d be up bright and early to enjoy the Gaumont Multiplex theatre and the rest of that park on your second day."
Totir Alexandru says:
"Disneyland is fantastic. It's a dream land not just for kids, but for adults too. And it's only 30 Euros to enter and enjoy everything in the park; I don't think it's too much :)"
Gem says:
"We visited disney land here, its was amazing. Cant wait to go back again!"
JCurley says:
"The video captures Disneyland Paris well. Not crowded like to US and still worthwhile with a french flavor"
archuthan says:
"when i went there i said bonjour Paris it is beautiful the best lunch and one thing that is the best is Disney land"
Racheal Barr says:
"this looks amazing. i havent been to this disneyland yet, but i cant wait for the fall, when we plan to visit."
Wayne Roberts says:
"A great experience for the family"
Louisa Scotney says:
"That Looks Amazing, ive been once and would jump at the chance to go agaiin, this video advertises it really well."
Julian Courtland-Smith says:
"Paris looks like a nice place to take a weekend break!"
Geeta Howles says:
"Disney is.....Children's Heaven on earth. Magic and Bliss. as adults and Parents, we are happiest when are children are. So this is a happy place for all of us. We want more of Disney"
Abhineet singh says:
"i wud do anything to visit this place as i havnt yet visited. if i ever visit this place it wud b like a dream come true"
ola says:
"i always wanted to go to disneyland paris. and also the adorable france! it's so lovely. i wish i could., =)"

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